WTS: Acebeam W30 LEP in Cool White


I have an Acebeam W30 LEP in Cool White located in Australia.

I literally opened it to turn on, but at the same time I got a Weltool W4 and decided to keep that as it matches my new Weltool W3Pro. Want to keep them as same design family.

Im asking $570usd or $750 (aud equivalent). Plus shipping. (will also accept some reasonable offers).

Not sure how much shipping would be to your location so contact me so I can get a quote. On ebay Ive put a high shipping value so it cover the most it would end up costing worldwide.

Im located in Australia, but willing to post overseas. Just keep in mind that it might take many weeks to arrive overseas. I will insure the item to be safe for both you and me. Also will require signature on delivery.

I have listed on ebay but can probably do a better deal if we deal directly outside eBay.
listing is at:

If you need any photos let me know and I can send. Just not sure how to upload on here.


How do you arrive at such an asking price? They msrp from Acebeam at 329USD and are still available from this AU seller for about 420 (I’m assuming) AU’s dollars.


I’ll take it for $180 US and pay for shipping

I’m in AU get most of my production lights from liteshop, OP is dreaming or hoping to land a sucker.
Asking almost double retail….

I believe it’s the latter. If you look at his eBay posts all the lights are marked up significantly.

Less than AU$420 with shipping included? That’s how much it retails for brand new in Australia.

You’re asking for twice the retail price with AU$840 (AU$750 + AU$90 registered post) on your eBay Australia listing Bruno for the Acebeam W30 LEP CW.

This your post on scumtree for 410AUD?

Good find Oweban!
Ofcourse its an asking price, he might end up selling it for a ‘normal’ price :sunglasses:

See the flashlight community at work worldwide !!!
Some sucker will pony up the $$ unfortunately, bit of an idiot posting that here.

Hi everyone, please be respectful of sellers (and everyone else) on this forum. There's no need to resort to name-calling.

these are the prices sold on ebay, just following the market.


The marketplace is the spot where supply meets demand, and the price is set accordingly.
If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it, or don’t sell it.

EDIT: and for those who do not know how to add an image, this LINK

Seller must have mixed up Budget Light Forum with Candle Power Forum

SB, i’d like to take a stand here.

I know whe should respect eachother, have fun, no name calling, etcetera.
But this reeks a bit shabby, since personally i think the asking price is absurd, which makes me give the feeling that the seller does not respect the BLF code of conduct as well.
He asks 750 AUstralian dollars, and additional shipping costs, when you can buy it brand new from Liteshop for 419 AUD, with warranty and free shipping in Australia?

Well, be what it may, I’m sure nobody would buy it if the price is so inflated. Simple silence in the thread would make it sink into oblivion, plus no arguments and no disturbance to the peace. That’s really what I have in mind with most moderating decisions here. But of course I also do encourage everyone to follow BLF Rule #8 as well:

Discouraging or forbidding anyone to comment anything but an offer tends to heavily favor the seller to the detriment of the buyers, who are denied knowledge necessary to a fair negotiation. (Such as the important information that you can get this brand new for much cheaper with a warranty and free shipping.) To further emphasize that it’s not only the duty of the buyer to seek out information elsewhere, but that it’s actually not even the duty of the seller to avoid expressing misinformation seems to clearly indicate that the site very much condones attempts to profit off of fellow hobbyists’ lack of knowledge so long as they refrain from rude language while doing it. Needless to say, this is a worrying message.

I fail to see any misinformation from the seller in this case, please correct me if I’m wrong. A high price is not misinformation, it’s simply a high price, and as such I trust users’ intelligence just as they would do in any other buying situation.

First of all, I don’t profit from any of these sales. This isn’t a paid classifieds section.

Secondly, other users have posted what they consider to be a fair price in this thread, and those posts have been allowed to remain.

Finally, the BLF Rules make it very clear that shady or illegal activity is forbidden here:

Clear attempts to take advantage of BLF users by shady individuals are publicly revealed, as can be observed in this warning thread that is prominently sticky’d at the top of the Want to Sell category:

And just to be crystal clear about the intent and spirit of Rule #6 I just added the following to it:

Any admins around to clean up this derailment of a sales thread?
It’s like a free for all in these parts.

There's just one admin on BLF (sb56637) and he's handling it.