WTS - BLF LT1 logo wrapped battery sets - $30 shipped USPS (US only)

I’d take a set of the C2 - Let There be Light in white/black text. Looks great. I’ll send my paypal address for you to send an invoice. Thanks for doing this, looks fantastic.

1 set-Pure White BLF
White Silicon
PM sent

I’ll take a set of White label “Budget Light Forum” with two silicon green/black/yellow cases.


Aren’t the Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mah not 3300mah like you have on the label?

Many places sell the Sanyo NCR18650GA as a 3500mah battery because it often tests near that value. The factory data sheet on this battery only claims 3300mah, so that’s how I’m identifying it.

I’m in for one set!

Silicone Battery cases: 1x yellow and 1x green, please. If those colors are not available I would prefer black, then white, but not the black/green/yellow.

Wrap: White with “Let There Be Light”

PMing you my PayPal address.

Many thanks!

I have to assemble a set of these for you. Give me a few days.

You got it.

The only thing I have left pre-assembled is one set of “A BLF Collaboration”.

If anyone has a specific request, lets get your orders started so I can get them ready when I have some time this weekend.

Sorry I’m just getting to this now…been a pretty chaotic week.

Just wanted to give proper thanks to Amishbill and some feedback for anyone who was sitting on the fence about a purchase.

Great job and very prompt/professional transaction!

CJ - thanks for the feedback. It means a lot when I’m not the only one saying my stuff is good. :+1:

Matkinson - You should have a tracking number.

electricjelly - the wraps you asked for are ready - just waiting for your paypal address and/or shipping address will ship Monday.

Currently assembled and ready to go:
1 set A BLF Collaboration on white
1 set Let There Be Light on white
1 set Budget Light Forum on white, but the negative end of the D cell’s wrap is a little rougher than I’d like it. 90% of folks would not notice/care, but this one falls a hair shy of my standards. I’ll toss in an extra set of cases if anyone takes these before I get around to taking them apart and re-wrapping them.


I posted a positive review in the rechargeable batteries sub forum on these cells & the overall transaction 'cause I didn't know where else to post it.


I would like one set of four please
White color printed with LT1 logo and identifiers for battery A, B, C and D in the set, clear over-wrap.
Any solid color silicone case will be ok

One set White / random silicon solid color cases.

The design only has three variations - the text under the logo. Do you want “Budget Light Forum”, “Let There Be Light”, or “A BLF Collaboration”?

2 sets, 1 pink 1 white, ” A BLF COLLABORATION “. Silicon cases, dealers choice of color.

Sending PP info in PM momentarily.

Got mine today, three days after paying. Thanks much for the fast shipping. They look great!

I do my best to not ship like BangGood. :innocent:

That said… this week will be full of disruptions. Restocking on supplies, clearing everything from the first floor so a construction crew can rip the place apart on Friday, etc.

As much as I’d like to, I will not be able to assemble/ship much - if at all - this week. I can still talk about what you want and get your orders lined up, but please assume that no new orders will ship till next week.

Mine got here fast and look fantastic! Thanks AmishBill! Can’t wait for the lantern to be ready.

Thanks amishbill for a great set of batteries. They arrived very well packed and look great. :+1:

Hello There!
I assume these batteries will work in the LT1?
If YES - Please put me down for [1] Set. Dealers Choice. Whatever you have lying around that you want to get rid of!
I will pay via Paypal.
Awaiting PM with directions.
Thank You for doing this!

If these were not LT1 compatible, I’d have a lot of expensive egg on my face by now. :partying_face: The GA has a taller than normal flat positive contact, so it will touch the LT1 contact ring properly. (The SP36 has the same design, and they work there)

Dan - the only set currently unclaimed is a White “Let There Be Light”. If those are what you want, I’ll put your name on them.

I’m not going to be able to ship anything till next week. If you let me know now, I can get any design & color combination you want assembled by then.

What about cases? Plastic/Silicon and Color?

Too Funny!

My Amazon Order for the Lantern says it will arrive in the next 25 - 60 days.
The Batteries you send me will never see the light of day until they die - they will live in the lantern forever!
No hurry on the shipping - get them out whenever you can - and no real preference on the cases.

Any 4 batteries and any 2 cases will be awesome.

Thank You Again for all the super hard work and effort on this project!

You really rocked it.

You got it. I think I have something suitably obnoxious to hide inside your lantern :+1: