WTS - BLF LT1 logo wrapped battery sets - $30 shipped USPS (US only)

11/13 - Work and Work related travel will have me overly busy for at least the next 7-10 days.

As much as I’d like to, I will not be able to assemble/ship much - if at all - in the near future. I can still talk about what you want and get your orders lined up, but please assume that no orders for items I don’t already have assembled will ship till Thanksgiving week.

Batteries – new Sanyo NCR18650GA tall flat tops (compatible with ring contact lights like SP36, Q8, LT1 without the need for adding buttons). The OEM wraps have been removed to reduce the diameter of the finished product. I don’t have an exact measurement, but I’ve been using the somewhat tight tube of an FW3A as a size checker, and all these will fit in.

Wraps – color printed with LT1 logo and identifiers for battery A, B, C and D in the set, clear over-wrap.

What you get – 4 batteries in matching wraps (design of your choice) with 2 double battery cases of your choice, shipped USPS w/ tracking.

Ordering - Reply to the thread with the color wrap you want (White, Obnoxious Yellow, etc), the style you want (Budget Light Forum, A BLF Collaboration, Let There be Light) and the type/color of case you want. If no preference of cases is supplied when you claim a set, I’ll consider it dealer’s choice and ship whatever amuses me.

Payment - I can take Paypal, USPS MO, Zelle, and if you’re around metro Atlanta, FTF Cash is an option. If you want to use PP, go ahead and PM me your PP address and I’ll send a payment request.

Shipping – I’ll typically get your batteries on their way in a day or two from receipt of payment.

Each set of 4 comes with your choice of two cases. All four in a set will have the same motto / design. Feel free to mix & match case colors and plastic/silicon, but understand my supply of some colors is limited.

Below are images of the designs I have available to ship or can put together with stock on hand.

As people claim sets, I’ll put their user name next to the entry and DM/PM them to arrange payment. As payment is received and items are shipped, I’ll update again.

The color sets are not currently assembled, but if you buy one, I’ll get it together and on its way in a few days.

I’ll prioritize requests by post order. If someone else has claimed a set before you, I’ll do my best to accommodate.

If you want more of a particular type or color than I have listed as available, go ahead and claim them. I’ll work with you on a schedule to get them made & shipped.

“I’m Interested” is not “I’ll Take ”

These are the options for your case choice:

Available Sets:

Budget Light Forum

B1 - slmjim - white silicon - Shipped
B2 - opbigdave - white silicon - Shipped
B3 - electricjelly - reggae silicon - Shipped
B4 - christoph - random silicon - Shipped
B5 - nick91900 - white silicon - Claimed

A BLF Collaboration

C1 - NEIL944 - Shipped
C2 - Blazer296 - Silicon Dealer’s Choice - Shipped

Let There be Light

L1 - Couchmaster - Shipped
L2 - matkinson847 - silicon yellow/green - shipped
L3 -

Color Options — Note that I will have to assemble these as requested. If you want one, it will take a day or two. I have one set of wraps in each color for each wrap version. If more than that are needed, there will be a delay while I create more.

Please specify the color and text you want - I have one of each combination on hand.
Bright Yellow: Collab - _
Bright Yellow: BLF - slmjim - Yellow Silicon - Shipped
Bright Yellow: LTBL - _
Orange: Collab - CJ Avlis - Clear Plastic - Shipped
Orange: Collab - _
Orange: BLF - Tc418 - random silicon - Shipped
Orange: BLF - _
Orange: LTBL - _
Purple: Collab - CJ Avlis - Clear Plastic - Shipped
Purple: Collab - Blazer296 - Silicon Dealer’s Choice - Shipped
Purple: BLF - _
Purple: LTBL - _
Green: Collab - Helios Azimuth - Yellow Plastic - Shipped
Green: Collab - _
Green: BLF - fourbyfive - Green Silicon - Shipped
Green: LTBL - Ironhorse - Green Plastic - Shipped
Green: LTBL - _
Yellow - Collab - _
Yellow - BLF - _
Yellow - LTBL - _
Tan - Collab - _
Tan - BLF - fourbyfive - Green Silicon - Shipped
Tan - LTBL - _

Reserved ’cuz that’s what the cool kids are doing.

Hello Bill, pm to you. Thanks for doing this!

You’re most welcome.

Now pick a design or I’ll send you a pink/purple Let There Be Light. :sunglasses:

C2 Green. Thanks again!

Dammit, I cant hold back the nerdiness…I’d like 2 sets please.

Design “C” on pink & orange wrap, with clear plastic case…please.

PM with same details or wait for you to send PP address???

OK - I have you down for 2 sets - Collab on Pink (purple?) and Orange with all clear cases. I’ll PM you with PP info

What company did you order the batteries from?
Why label them 3300 mAh? I see that’s what the manufacturer says is the rated capacity. Seems most retailers advertise them as 3500.

3300 is the ‘rated’ value given on the factory data sheet.
They are commonly advertised at or around 3500, and they typically test at or near that number.

I purchased them from a local vape shop that offers a nice discount when you buy way too many for a sane person. The 3d barcode on the OEM wrapper matches the printing on the metal case, they have the proper tall flat top, and test to the expected capacity, so I’m confident these are not offshore clones.

How about just sending the printed stuff international with a letter?

1 set green LTBL, green case.

I have no problem with DIY.
As I stated in - was it the Lantern thread, or the Interest thread - I’ll be making printable files available. Print & trim on a local color printer, use locally sourced batteries and clear shrink tube. PM me a request for the printable files with your email address and I’ll send you the printable files when they’re ready.

Since I have no idea what batteries these will go on, the battery data block will be missing, and I’d rather leave them uncut instead of cutting them too short for your battery or leaving a damndably hard to trim fraction of a mm in need of removal.

I’ll look into the details of sending the printed pages and some shrink tube via standard mail, but I’m unfamiliar with international mail.

This is pretty dam cool…
I have a ton of batteries, never though of printing a label and clear wrapping it… the A-B-C-D ID marker is smart !
I keep my Q8 30q physically grouped as matched sets…with this though…… Brilliant!

Known good cells from trusted sources with custom wraps. What's not to like?

I'll take two sets:


2) neon yellow(?) silicone cases (at top left in the pic)

2) white silicone cases


Bright Yellow: BLF – (1) set of four cells

Pure White (when available): BLF - (1) set of four cells

No rush & PM sent.



I’d love a set of design C in white, (“A BLF Collaboration”), just like the picture. Color of case doesn’t matter, your choice…thanks!

I have you listed as Claimed Paid for a white set of BLF Collaboration, Dealer’s Choice on cases.
Note: Your paypal said BLF, but the post says A BLF Collaboration, so I’m running with the Collaboration set.

I’ll have to assemble the Yellow. Both are marked as Claimed

I’ve updated the list at the top for anyone who has paid up till the date/time of this post.
Please make sure your name appears in the right place before I ship Monday/Tuesday.
All orders are in the mail - ETA Thursday-Saturday.

Yay! Thanks for the updates.

It’s coming up on a weekend. If anyone wants something specific, this is a great time to get your request in.