WTS: Convoy S2+/S3 Copper triple spacer pill

Convoy S2+ copper triple spacer pills

This pill is made from true copper, that has more than 380 W·m−1·K−1 thermal conductivity, and weighs 43 grams.

“It has slightly pink color (camera can not show it`s real color). Low-cost chinise pills are often made from brass/bronze (they also has high density, so pill can be heavy, but will not have much red in it`s color) or different colored alloys (they look like real copper but weights much less).”

Please be patient as they are coming from Russia to me, then I will send out individually

Round 1:

  1. James3 x1
  2. Wrathbringer x1
  3. Chicken Drumstick x1
  4. dodo x1
  5. Mike C x1

Round 2:

  1. alberto7 x1
  2. armstrongracer x1






Ready to go now 3 more available


Please put me down for one. I’ll sort out PP tomorrow if that’s ok. Ta.

No worries

Please, one for me too.



These are a direct fit pill & spacer replacement with S2+ triple with carclo lens? If so, I’ll take that last one. When are you expecting them in?

Yes, direct replacement screws right in, just pop,in a 17mm driver and carclo optic on top and your good to go

Time wise I’m not 100% probably a couple of weeks

I’ll be taking payments from today

Nice, I’ll take it. I’m “uploading” cash to my Paypal account now, will take a few days before I can do the transfer.

Ok no problem :slight_smile:

PayPal sent.


James, what about an A6 copper spacer? There is a lot of A6-SE sold soon & i bet more than a few of those will be turned in to triples :wink:

What’s the measurements? Will the S2+ spacer from RMM not work?

I don’t know the S2+ spacer from RMM.

If i remember things right (i don’t have one yet but me & the 600+ other BLFers will quite soon ;), the needed spacer for the A6 triple is the size of 20mm noctigons & one 16mm one. At least that is how i plan to make one, but i would be nice if there was such an copper spacer available.
To save a bunch of time sanding & soldering those together for a nice & quick drop in for the A6-SE, just order a spacer & a triple noctigon with the leds you want for a very quick upgrade.

Are you sure Richard carries a S2+ spacer? Just saying………….

Just looked, yeah it’s for the S2 not the S2+, I don’t know the size of the A6 so it was a guess

Why do you think that?

Because you need one if you want to bring up the leds to the level of the carlco optics.

Of course if you want to run it as a mule without any reflector it is possible, but you would lose a lot of the output that way.

I only know one who have tested it & he wrote about it in the A6-SE thread + i also discussed it with Dale in the same thread.

And as far as i remember that was the conclusion, if you don’t have a custom spacer you will have to make one in the size of one 16mm+3 20mm noctigons in height, for the triple 20mm noctigon to match up with the carclo.