WTS - Fully Modded Trustfire X9 & Solarforce L2 Clone with Sportac Triple XP-G2 Drop-In (L2 is now Withdrawn) - Australian Sale

Hi all,

First light I am wanting to sell is my Trustfire X9 which I modded in August last year. I bought it brand new back then and it hasn’t really been used since I modded it. In fact it has had soo little use that the same Sony VTC5 cell that I first tested it with back then is at 3.871v now and hasn’t been charged in between.

Mods are as follows:

  • Chemtools Size 2 copper braided switch spring - Also soldered the brass button to the end of the spring.
  • Upgraded the tailcap orings to some nice thick ones which have a very good seal.
  • Direct drive contact board with the emitter positive lead attached directly to the top of the spring and the negative lead attached directly to the outer ground ring.
  • Machined press-fit big copper heat sink. Total pill weight is now 106g.
  • 32mm Direct Thermal Path copper MCPCB out of a Thrunite TN31 with a de-domed XM-L2 U2 1A emitter reflowed by Hank at IOS. Sanded the MCPCB with 800~~1200~~>2000->3000 then polished to a mirror finish.
  • 20AWG Mil-spec silver plated teflon coated wiring.
  • Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste with the MCPCB screwed down.
  • I changed out the lens for one which is supposed to be AR coated. Although I can’t see a coloured film on it like normal AR coated lenses so I’m not 100% sure if it is. Although it is very clear, much better than the standard one.
  • All threads have been lubricated with Armytek Nyogel.

This light performs really well. I spent a fair bit of time doing the mods to it and I think they have all been worthwhile. The monster heatsink really pulls away the heat well. Visually, the light is in “As-New” condition.

The beam has a very tight hot spot with a reasonably strong corona and some decent spill. Please be aware though, that on a wall shot there is two faint rings outside of the corona. I spent a great deal of time focusing the emitter well and I’m not sure why they are there. You can see them in the beamshots below however as you can see they aren’t visible on any shots outside.

Now for some pictures…

Now for some beamshots…

You can see the faint rings I mentioned above in this next photo…

I adjusted the settings here to show how tight the hotspot really is. The other photos make it look really big…

And for a comparison to the first beamshot. Here is my fully modded TN31 on the same night with the same camera settings.

I am happy to post this overseas but it weighs a bit so I would imagine the postage costs would make it not worthwhile however if you are interested I can check the postage cost for you.

As for the price. I have a bit of time and money invested in this light and am in no rush to sell it. I am asking $60AUD plus the exact cost to ship it to you. Or if you are in Perth you are welcome to pick it up from me.

If you have any questions or want any other photos just let me know.

First “I’ll Take It” gets the light. That includes private messages.


The second light is a Solarforce L2 clone which was bought through Focalprice as a host only advertised as a genuine Solarforce L2. Whilst it is a “clone” the quality is the same as the real thing IMO. I have two other genuine solarforce lights and they are no different in build quality.

I bought three of the hosts and this one has remained wrapped up until now, so it is essentially brand new still.

This isn’t really modded like my other lights. However I have done the following…

  • Brand new Sportac Triple XP-G2 neutral white drop-in (arrived yesterday). Rated at 1224 LED lumens or 925 ANSI FL-1 lumens. Has an input voltage range of 2.7v-9v allowing it to run on either 2 or 3x CR123A, 1x 18650, 2x18350 etc.
  • Swapped out the switch for a genuine solarforce forward clicky. Since the drop-in is single mode the forward clicky makes more sense to me.
  • Copper braided switch spring.
  • Wrapped the drop-in with copper tape.
  • Replaced the lens with an AR coated one from Kaidomain. Outstanding quality, just as good as my UCL lenses from flashlightlens.com. Looking straight in the front looks like there is no lens at all.

I am also including with it an orange and GITD green switch boot in addition to the black one which is installed currently and I can also include a grey or black or both wrist lanyard if you like.

Some pictures…

CONTROL - ISO400, F4.0, SS 1/1.3

Can just make out the tree from the X9 beamshots…

Price: $60AUD WITHDRAWN including shipping within Australia. I am happy to post overseas for $50AUD plus the actual cost of shipping.

If you have any questions or want any other photos just let me know.

First “I’ll Take It” gets the light. That includes private messages.

All the best for the sales. You have a couple of really nicely modded lights. I'm not sure that I knew you had a lathe. I'll have to keep a closer eye on your threads.


I don’t actually have a lathe. I just have a friend that lets me use his. It is quite convenient.

I have withdrawn the L2.

I’m not sure that I actually want to sell it now. The drop-in turned out to be much nicer than I was expecting and is actually a very nice light white an almost pure white tint. So unless I decide to change my mind again the L2 is withdrawn.

Bump for the X9

X9 - SPF