WTS/GB: NICHIA 219B NVSL219BT-V1 R9080 EMITTERS! sw45k, sw40, sw35, sw30

Beginning today till the end of Monday Dec 2, all emitters are just $2.50 each +shipping.
Stock up on these beauties for your next modding project or gift them to your fellow flashlight fanatics.

I got my package of sw45k. Perfect as always! Thanks Andy!

I would like to buy 10 219B sw45k. Thank you.

Pm inbound.

Payment sent. Thank you for the special price! :money_mouth_face: :+1:

Hey, still have sw45k?

I do. Stock is running low though. Pm

Can’t go wrong with high CRI and high R9 warm emitters this holiday season :stuck_out_tongue:


Link to my emitters? I don’t have one. PM me if you’d like to order some.

I originally ordered 5 pieces through the group-buy. If it's ok, I would give them up for someone else since demand is so high?

Ohh… I thought you had hcri christmas tree lights. And this is just a random picture from google. :person_facepalming:

Haha wow, that’d be pretty cool. I wonder if anyone makes high CRI Christmas tree lights… hmmmmm

One user sells 5mm hcri leds. Maybe we could make our own “BLF christmas tree lights”?
And the version with three CCT would be the “Special Edition”

That would be awesome with the 2300K high CRI emitters. Most warm white LED Christmas lights I see are too pale green-ish and too high CCT to match the old low voltage incan’s.

I have high CRI Christmas tree lights. They aren’t very efficient, though. :wink:

If you need some high CRI emitters for all those new flashlights you got for Christmas, hit me up :stuck_out_tongue:

The fastest shipping of anyone I’ve purchased from. Get these before they’re gone. Twice I’ve bought small orders and Andy sends them nearly immediately. Thanks man.

I’ll take 6 of the sw45k and 6 SW40. Thanks.

PM sent. Thanks