WTS/GB: NICHIA 219B NVSL219BT-V1 R9080 EMITTERS! sw45k, sw40, sw35, sw30

UPDATE: Clearing out what 219b I have left. New pricing will be $2 per emitter plus shipping. Get them while supplies last.

This needs little introduction… Pretty much the ultimate in LED tint attested by many. High CRI as well as high R9.

I have the following Nichia 219b r9080 emitters available:

2700k sw27 D160 L2 R9080 OUT OF STOCK
3000k sw30 D180 L2 R9080
3500k sw35 D200 L2 R9080
4000k sw40 D220 L2 R9080
4500k sw45k D220 L2 R9080 OUT OF STOCK

Emitters are $2 each.
Shipping to the USA will be $5 for USPS first class or $10 for Priority.
PM me for shipping rates to anywhere outside the USA.

Orders are usually shipped same day if placed before 5:00 pm EST.

If interested, please state how many you’d like as these will sell in the order of interest in case I run out.
Thanks for looking!

Additional services include reflowing emitters onto an MCPCB and adding wires if needed:



If anyone is interested in more sw30, I’m trying to set up another GB.
I need to meet a minimum requirement before placing a potential order.

Please reply with how many you’d be committed to buying. Pricing for the GB will be $3 per emitter plus $4 shipping to US.

020 pcs $ azhu
100 pcs $ BallZac_
008 pcs $ trakcon
020 pcs $ shirnask
008 pcs $ TimMc
010 pcs $ ThieF60
004 pcs $ Aussiemandias


That is a wonderful led, personally I like it better than the sw45 version. But I still have a bunch of those (from Clemence at the time) so these are not for me.

*Edited OP to include a small amount of the sw45k.

Interested in two of each.

Interested in 4 sw45K

Interested but any difference between the d200 and d220 SW45k?

Like to know this as well. I ordered the sw40 from illumn but they are d200 instead of d220.

D200 Flux Bin(200-220lm@700mA)
D220 Flux Bin(220-240lm@700mA)

D220 is just a tad brighter than D200.

If I’m not mistaken, d220 is rated at 220 lumens at 700 mA while d200 is 200 lumens at 700 mA.

I don’t have any of these, so pardon the silly question, what footprint is needed? Will they fit on boards that were made for an XPL emitter?

These use a 3535 footprint in the XP format so yes, they will fit on boards that fit an XPL emitter :slight_smile:


Interested in 8 sw45K

PM sent

I’ll take (3) 4000k sw40 d220 L2 r9080.

PM sent

I’ll take 15 sw45k d200 l2 r9080

Interested! PM sent.

I’m interested in 7 of the 4000k R9080s.

PM sent