WTS/GB: NICHIA 219B NVSL219BT-V1 R9080 EMITTERS! sw45k, sw40, sw35, sw30

Got my sw45k, super fast delivery.
Perfect packaging!

My D18 finally got these leds! sw35 are the prettiest 219b I’ve ever seen. Thank you Andy!

Here is more pics.

Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics.

I’ve got 4000k SST-20s and I really don’t like the tint. Just curious what method you used to reflow the LEDs and what you think the lumen loss might be? I reflow my LEDs on a skillet on the stove on low heat but I read you used hot air?

I use such lights to light up my tent. I’ve been looking for a high CRI variant with no luck.
I doubt it exists but if you see one I would love to see that as well. :slight_smile:

Received too, Thank you for the kind words ! Will definitely order more soon

My sst20 4000k were not that bad.

No. I didn’t used the hotair. In a separate thread I wrote that it stopped working in the middle of soldering. The heater burned down. I had to use an electric stove and a solid aluminum heat sink so as not to put the mcpcb directly on the heating element.

In addition, I had to reflow several times, because 219b always move to the side. It is a miracle that leds survived it.

I don’t know if this is normal. I always have a problem with these leds.

What do you mean when the LEDs move to the side? Are you saying yours don’t center itself correctly when the solder melts?

LED centers itself. But when I tap the LED to get rid of excess tin then it shifts to the side. When I try to move it to the center it runs to the other edge.

I suspect that the reason is a smaller anode and cathode pad on Nichia LEDs. I don’t have such a problem with other LEDs.

Hmm that’s strange. I’ve never had this issue with centering. I normally use the blunt end of a toothpick and gently tap the center of the dome to remove excess solder.

Not a huge difference but the correct diagram for my emitters is below:

Azhu, I received the package a with sw35s. As always, everything fine. Thank you. A lot :smiley:

UPDATE: Stock levels for sw35 and sw45k are starting to run low. Don’t know when or if I can restock these again once they’re out so if you need some, hit me up before it’s gone.


I will take at least 12 sw35 emitters. PM’d about quantity discount.

Update: I’ll take 30 sw35.

UPDATE: sw35 is now SOLD OUT. Contacted my vendor but no ETA on next restock yet.

Interested in three 219B SW45k.

edit: would also be interested in sw35 if/when you get them back in stock.

PM inbound

Interested in 10 of the 219b sw45k!

Has anyone modded a MF01 Mini with SW40’s?

Does it have a violet spill?

Is the loss in range and lumens big?