WTS Smaller size sheets of Lee Filters

Not to rain on this. How are you keeping the gel from melting? Multiple times I have had issues with small camera flashes melting them. Cost me a ex580, and I became much more selective about when I would use them.

How about Norland 61 ?

It’s optically clear and cured with UV. Usually used to attach tritium vials, but it might work to bind the two layers together without artifact or marking?

If you’re using a crazy hot rod flashlight Then I’d suggest using the zircon filters which are tough as nails . You’d have to be running a welding torch to burn one up .

Never heard of anyone melting a regular filter with a flashlight but obviously Lee wanted or felt the need to also make a tougher filter too. :)

Was looking for this all over amazon and ebay. I need this for my E14 III BLF combo. It quite too green for my taste. PM sent, thanks Boaz.

Once mine come in I’ll be posting pics of my Astrolux ft03 xhp50.2 6000-6500k (dedomed) before and after. I don’t have pics of beam before I dedomed, but the cct dropped which was great but also got MUCH greener, this should help ALOT.

Thanks, Boaz! pleasure purchasing with you

Is this still available?

Yes .....

In fact I have new / harder to find zircon sheets ....as well as more regular Lee and Rosco filters

I have about 15 different filters and another dozen or more diffuser films available .

PM sent



PM’d. I’ll update with how it goes.

Edit 2/13/21: I got the sheets, they look great. Awesome price, and they came with a nice note. Can’t recommend enough.

Thanks Twin8 ... Glad I could help .

Appreciate your kind comments

Are these still available? Looking to buy some of the Zircon minus green filters to help with the green tint on a light with 5000k SST-20 LEDs

yes I’ve recently gotten new filters in ..Including the Zircon 805 which has always been the hardest one to find , as well as some of the Rosco filters . ... and about a dozen different diffuser film sheets .

PM me and I’ll send you an up to date list of everything I carry .

Thanks Boaz

I sent you a email to the address in the message you sent me. I’m unable to PM you back, probably because my account is too new. Let me know if you got it!

Interested in a few zircon filters as well. PM sent

PM sent. Thank you, Boaz!

Thanks Light Saber...

I sent you my standard reply with a wall of cut copy and paste text canned reply to requests . Info on everything I offer is in the PM reply .

Anyone wanting more info just PM me .

I'll get info on both diffusion film and the minus green filters your way ..


Thank you, Boaz!

I received very quickly a few Zircon minus green and DC-Fix sheets from you!

Have so far tried the 1/4 minus green on a new Armytek Tiara C1 Warm (Cree XP-L). It originally had a slight tinge of green and to my eyes the filter has helped significantly! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Got some filters in. Left to right are D4V2 219B SW45k, SST-20 4000k FD2, and XP-L HI 5000k at 5000k WB.

This is a Plus 1/8 green filter on the SW45k. I like it both ways. It's close to neutral, still slightly rosy in real life.

This is the same and Minus 1/8 green on the XP-L HI. It looks pretty neutral with the filter in real life.

I forgot to take a picture, but I didn't like the minus green on the SST-20, it made it too pink.

Nice pics Brad . I'd forgotten that you'd asked for a +Plus green filter . One of the only requests I've ever had for more green instead of a -minus green filter. It looks like the xpl could have use a minus 1/4 green instead of just 1/8th . The reason the minus green filter looked bad on the sst-20 emitter is because there isn’t green in the tint to kill:)

Glad I could help .

As soon as I’m able to send you a private message I’d like to order a few minus green filters and some diffuser film.


Hey there. Do the Z1/Z2/Z3 correspond to Lee’s 805/804/803 product numbers?