WTS: Tiablo apsheric 107,000lux sold

This is a Tiablo aspheric with ultrafire body. I’ve modded the light 2 weeks ago with a WC EZ-900 XRE-R2 and 4xAMC 7135 driver at 1.5Amp. It takes 1x18650 battery and comes with the reflector, which does about 42,000lux with it. $85 shipped domestic only.

Here is a quick beamshot next to zy-T13 at 46,000lux

Very nice light, if I did not have a huge 4inch aspheric project ill be all over this

4inch aspheric is good if you have big pockets! :bigsmile:

btw driver has 2 modes high 1.5Amp, med .5Amp.

reduced to $80 now.

now $75. If interested PM me, we can work it out!

Pm sent.

$70 bump!

Is this the A9?

It’s a Tiablo aspheric head for A9 with ultrafire A9 body originally came with a xm-l t6 LED which I have replaced with xr-e and 1.5Amp driver.

I am interested in this, but I live in Spain. How much would be the shipping costs? Thanks.
Also, I am looking for something for this (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/15669) and I ask myself if this flashlight would be good at this purpose. The doubt I have is what do you get with the mod you’ve done (more brightness, more distance, etc.)? Sorry for the ignorance, I’m newbie at this…

$60 shipped now, last chance! :open_mouth:

Do you still have the light?