WTS Trustfire TRJ-18 and 3T6 $35 + shipping (sold)

Considering I’m on the move and need to downsize my collection I need to get rid of any flashlights that I’m not using.

To start with I have a TRJ-18 and 3T6 for sale, $35 in one package plus shipping as follows:

America - $34
U.K - $27
Germany - $27
Australia/Singapore - $22

So total $69 to the US, U.K/Germany $62 and Australia $57. If you’re in another country I’d need to check with the local post office to get shipping prices.

Both are in great nick and almost new as they’ve had very little use. There are 2 small nicks on the anodising of the TRJ-18, and you’d almost need a magnifying class to see any blemishes on the 3T6.

I want to sell both of them together to get a better deal on shipping.

Both haven’t been modded, I got around 4.4A from the tail of the TRJ-18 from 2 trustfire 26650’s (around 8.8A total). I’m not sure which driver the 3T6 has as there seems to be some variance, see the thread below to see what I mean:

I got 2.15A from 2 cells on the tail of the 3T6. I’m not willing to desolder and remove the driver to get a look at it for fear of damaging it, and I don’t have a great deal of time on my hands at the moment so it goes as is.

If you’re interested please send me a PM. Here are some pics:

Some pics of the pill of the 3T6 if you’re wondering what driver it has, not sure if it’s enough to identify it:

Wow… that is a very good price… almost pull the trigger on it :slight_smile:

Thanks Daylighter. Nice to know someone recognises my efforts. :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s an Awesome price. Sooo tempted… need to restrain…. spent too much lately. Both excellent lights.

Ups for “whokilledJR” the low price…

Damm. I’d be all over this but my bank says calm yourself

Thanks for your support everyone! :slight_smile: . I need to get rid of these fairly quickly, so I’ve dropped the price by $10. Underselling the lights here but I figure they would be well looked after by another forum member, and it sucks the shipping costs are high.
Still, wouldn’t mind at least a couple of cases of beer which $35 should cover. :beer:

You know I was in Nam in 71-72, so in Memory of Tuy Nguyen Van Tuc — I will buy, PM me…

Do you still have these for sale ? if you do im intersted. :slight_smile:

how much would the total be to Ontario, Canada ( L0G1W0 )

Hi DenBarrettSAR, sorry they’ve just sold. I’ll update the OP.

This is really a killer deal WKJR. I’m not much into big flooder lights, but for this deal, even I was very tempted to pull the trigger.

Congrats to the successful buyer.