WTS/WTT Courui D01 build. $60 PP USA + $10 shipping

So, I have decided to sell my Courui D01. This was my last big XM-L2 build and I just do not use it enough to justify keeping batteries in it.



Here is my build thread… D01
Photo in one place… Pics

This light does have some use and a few nicks in the armor. It was used several times to track deer after dark and to watch live critters at night. Works as it should, rear power switch turns it on and side switch selects one of the brightness modes. Tint is pretty good on this one, warmish but not to yellow.

The driver was hand built, the copper heatsink was acquired here along with the firmware and mod help for the firmware. I designed and built the contact plate/driver mounting method. All designed for the best current flow and heat path. Would be an interesting light for some of the newest emitters, but I am having some eye problems and mods are difficult for me at this time.

Might trade for some configurations of KR1, KR4, D4V2 or copper or brass lights.

Thanks Matt