Wuben E10: pictures, impressions

Wuben E10

I wouldn’t dare to call it a review. Just a few pictures and first impressions.
The flashlight was sent to me by Wuben as a give away prize. Thank you Wuben for your generosity.
This is my first attempt to prepare such description, hope you’ll find some use for it.

I’ve received the light within 5 days? Or so. One of quickest deliveries I had a pleasure to receive from China. Well packed with lots of bubble wrap and an additional gift looking like Wuben brand sleeve? I need to consider the possible usage.

The body
Wuben E10 is nicely shaped with a knurling resembling those from E05. Indeed when you put both together you can easily determine these are members of the same family. I believe the “E” letter stands for EDC line. According to expectations, machining is fine, mate anodizing accurate and even, square threads, AR glass. Springs not bypassed but look low resistance ones. But the overall picture looks a little boring in comparison to E05.

The light
I was very curious about that new LED Osram P9. On paper it looks quite promising, 1200 lm. I have no capability to conduct a professional testing, so just basing on impresions:

- rather on cold temperature side - I’d guess 5700K

- some tint shift present

- greenish and blueish blends in

- strange circle ring around hot spot (maybe too high washer? Or a reflector design error?) - not visible on higher modes and not disturbing when in outdoor use

  • in general this LED tints and behavior resembles me SST-40 De-domed

Very similar UI to the one in E05. V.Low-Low-Mid-High, strobe on 2-click, sos on 3-click. It’s OK for me, nothing to complain about. Haven’t checked the temperature management, but I believe Wuben has made correctly.

Battery options:
Recommended: 18650 protected, 2xCR123A
Cautious: 18650 unprotected
Banned: RCR123A, 16340, 16350

Overall impressions
This seems to be a decent EDC light. Although it’s appearance is not as interesting as E05’s it’s still way above average. Unfortunately I had difficulties to open it and I gave up. Either the threads are tightened very strong or some glue was applied. Anyway, you’ll either need some tools to open it, or it’ll require a Strongman competition winner. The light is too beautiful to destroy it with my clumsy attempts.

I’ll try to extend this post once I collect night pictures and get more familiar with the flashlight. Now some pictures I already managed to take.



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