【Wurkkos Brand Day GAW】Brand Day with all deals and new release TS10 Ti on 23th-27th,Sep(PST)

Hi BLFers, how is going?

Wurkkos 2023 Brand Day is here.

1、We will prepare TS10 TI laser engraving customization (30 pieces) --You can customize your own icon according to the pattern you want. The 30 pieces can be selected in the link (customization options) when available. We will distribute 30pcs on September 25th at 3pm.
2、all productrs will have deal price and also enjoy 20% extra code for 1 pc, and 25% extra code for more than 2pcs.
3、Free gifts for order amount more than $9.9; $19 ; $29; $49; $89; $159, gifts including holster, cap, battery, and flashlight WK04, TS10.

Giveaway rule is simple, leave a comment with the model you have from Wurkkos or any comment about Wurkkos (good suggestions are appreciated), we will draw 3 members random to win each flashlight in 5th, Oct. let’s join up!

Prize 1: could choose any one model from Wurkkos
Prize 2: a brass TS10
Pirze 3: a Alum TS10

Any other interest models ,go wurkkos.com with code and free shipping to most of the world.

:fire::fire::fire:Wurkkos TS10 TI available now. There are more discounts and exquisite gifts waiting for you to choose.:fire::fire::fire:
website link:

Amazon link:
aliexpress link and code TS10TID7:

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Thanks for GAW! Can’t wait for titanium TS10.

My Wurkkos:
TS10 black and brass
In near future:
TS10 Titanium
TD01 with buck driver

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Thanks for the GAW!

Current lights:

  • TS10 black / blue aux
  • TS10 Red / orange Aux
  • TS22 XHP70.2
  • TS30S
  • FC12

Thanks for the GAW.
My TS10 Brass (with a better Clip) has been my EDC light pretty much ever since I got it, so I’m looking forward to the Ti model.

The product page is already up, but not yet available.

the stock will update at 23th, sep and the also have 20% discount for 1pc, and 25% discount for 2pcs

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Always appreciate a GAW, thanks Wurkkos.

My only current Wurkkos light is a ts30s, great flashlight!

Edit: guess I also have a WK30, might be a sign that I have a small problem that I can’t remember all my lights.

Lets just say I have a lot of Wurkkos. Really like the brand and price point.

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Thanks for the gaw!

From wurkkos i have a:

  • ts10
  • ts10
  • ts10

Always interested in either really compact 14500 lights with great features, or bigger lights with excellent regulation and sustained output.

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Thanks for the GAW!

Wurkkos Lights I have:

  • TS22
  • TS10 (a few…)
  • HD15
  • HD20
  • TS32

Looking forward to the Ti TS10, and would love to see (and buy…) more Buck/Boost drivers in Wurkkos Lights!

I have TS25, FC11, TD01, TD02, TS21, TS22, TS10, TS32

Please use constant current driver for all your lights. TS22 performance is really great.

The Wurkkos models I have are the TS10, TS11, TS30, TS30S, WK01, WK02, WK40, FC11, and FC13. The TS22 is on the way, and it will be my first torch with a boost driver, so I am totally looking forward to experiencing its performance.

Thank you for the giveaway. I love Wurkkos!

Awesome, thank you for the giveaway! From Wurkkos I have…

  • DL10R
  • DL20R
  • DL30
  • DL40
  • DL70
  • FC11
  • FC12
  • HD20
  • TS10 Black
  • TS10 Brass (2x)
  • TS10 Copper (3x)
  • TS10 MAO
  • TS10 Titanium RGB
  • TS10 Silver
  • TS11
  • TS25
  • TS30S
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I own a WK15, love it!

Thanks for the giveaway, I have a TS10, TD01, and just got an FC13.

TS10 in MAO, Green, Red, Brass, Black, Silver with many diff aux colors.

Love them all!

Keep on producing great-value lights. My arsenal includes:

FC11 x 2
TS21 x 2

I have so far 2 Wurkkos flashlights: a TS10 and an FC13, and I EDC them both (the TS10 in my pocket and the FC13 in my belt pouch).

The TS10 is my main light, it’s always at hand and I use it for just about everything, it’s perfect! The only thing I didn’t like (the original clip) was solved by replacing it with Wurkkos own extended clip for the TS10. I really appreciate its compactness and features.

The FC13 is my backup light, ready to be used in case anything happens to the TS10 (haven’t needed it for that yet) or in case I need to hand the TS10 to someone else (happened the other day when me and the wife were finishing a hike later than planned, and nightfall caught us in the way). It’s also my main powerbank: I carry it along with 3x LG MJ1 batteries (one inside it and two in a battery case) and it has served me well for recharging phone, radio, sat device or even the TS10 battery (which is USB-ported) on the run. Much better than a dedicated powerbank!

I like both of them so much I compiled and flashed my own modded Anduril on them, with all my configurations burned in, plus my own 8C_Quick_Aux_Switch mod.

To sum it up, Wurkkos is my favorite brand! Here’s what I think they got right:

  • Great prices for great flashlights (and therefore great values); oftentimes Wurkkos costs half the price or less of competing lights with the same or less features, while keeping good build quality.

  • Excellent customer service right here in BLF, by @Wurkkos_Terry &colleagues (Terry specially has always been so helpful, thank you again my man! :+1:)

  • Great shipping, inexpensive/fast/unfailing;

  • Good variety of Anduril lights: not all of them have it, but besides the TS10 and FC13, I know the at least the TS25, the TS11 and the TS30S (‘classic’ and Pro) have it;

  • Many/most of these lights use the best MCU (AT1616) and the best flashing pad layout (@GCHart’s 3-pin), which makes Anduril flashing and modding a joy;

  • good range of options (body colors, main LEDs and aux colors) and accessories (besides the clip I already mentioned, I own a pair of their diffusers and they’re good).

Of course, there’s always margin for improvement; here’s where I think Wurkkos could do better:

  • Please quit the silly auto (aka “disco”) RGB aux LED thing already! Or at least be sure to always offer an alternative (ie, fixed color aux, or even better, controlled RGB).

  • Please stop gluing up the flashlights’ heads and tailcaps, this makes it a pain for every one of us (myself included) who want to open them up for modding or simply to admire their insides. I know some of that glueing is protective (eg, the TS10 rear switch falls apart if the tailcap is unscrewed) but certainly there are better solutions for that than glue (eg, a retaining ring to keep the rear switch in place).

  • Please consider using the wondrous AT1616 MCU everywhere (even on non-Anduril lights) and with easily accessible @GCHart standard flashing pads; the cost isn’t significative (just $0.05 more than Sonix MCUs last time I checked, and that was in small lots – probably even less at large quantities), and it would give all your users nice features right from the start (eg, a factory-calibrated and precise temperature sensor) and will allow us enthusiasts to port Anduril to the ones that don’t come with it already (I want Anduril in all my lights!).

  • Please consider offering some kind of regulated driver with your lights, be it bulk or boost or buck/boost; but please include some kind of low-battery warning so the light doesn’t go dark suddenly when LVP is reached.

  • In the specific case of the TS10 Ti, please consider replacing the horrendous original clip with something better, like the enhanced TS10 clip you already sell separately.

That’s what I can think of for now, if I think of something else I will come back and edit.

Keep up and improve on the good work, Wurkkos! You’re my favorite brand, I love your products and look forward to buy (or be gifted! :wink:) many more of them in the future!

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From that page:

1.Emitter: 3 pcs 90 CRI CSP LEDs and 3pcs real RGB aux LEDs

@Wurkkos_Terry, is that the controlled RGB auxes we have all been clamouring for?! Please say yes! :grin:

Thanks for the giveaway.
I presently have the FC12, TS30S, TS32 and the DL40 dive light, all perform well.

I have a ts10 Alu , a TS10 brass, TS30s pro, fc11 and ts11. Used to have a ts25 and ts22 but sold those to my friends.

a ts10 style flashlight in the 18650 format would be great.

Some flashlights with better drivers would be great, buck drivers especially arent common on the maket, the fc11 would be amazing with a buck driver

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