Wurkkos FC12: Why It Will Replace My Olight M2R Pro On Duty:

After more than 100 night shifts I am 100% fed up with the Olight and will switch to a light that follows a different design philosophy. The Wurkkos FC12 is a conservative 2000 lumens light which has reliability and simplicity written all over it while still offering great advanced features like active temperature regulation and small details that make it a joy to work with. Please enjoy my full review and discussion:


Thanks for your perspective on the FC12 and also the “comparison” with the M2R Pro. :+1:
I was curious to know which were the reasons why you would let the M2R go, but now I know. For me, the “Warrior” line of Olight is top in terms of UI, probably what I “always” seeked in a flashlight and I only regret that they haven’t made a “Warrior Mini Mini” (yet).

I do understand, though, the issues you pointed out concerning the switch (dust inside and accidental activation) and the TIR. I have the M2R (not Pro) and never had an issue with the switch, and I have no scratches on the lens (not TIR), but my use is not in EDC.
As for the Warrior Mini. it is one of my EDC lights and I had accidental activations, though. I’ve found better ways to carry it since then, but I know it can be a bummer (that model was later updated to prevent that).

I like those lights particularly for night walks due to the momentary Turbo and Strobe, to make my presence more visible in some spaces or for instant illumination.

I’d be curious to see what you think of the FC12 when you have the shifts and see how you’re using it :wink:

Thanks once again and hope you enjoy the light :beer:

The UI of the M2R Pro is incredible, I really, rally like the tailswitch and how it operates. The reliability, however, is an issue. Add to that the proprietary battery (expensive) and charger (expensive) and it starts to bring the whole thing down a notch or two.

The FC12 on the other hand is a bit boring, just like most of the lights Sofirn/Wurkkos build (save the WK30 perhaps). But it does what it does without fail (if I may extrapolate past experience with their lights onto the FC12).

The problem with Olight is that they want to establish their own ecosystem and kind of become the “Apple of flashlights”. This comes with positive and negative sides. Wurkkos is more a very good specimen of the “Android-fraction of lights”.

Yeah, the proprietary battery is also a bummer, specially because you cannot replace the one in the flashlight so easily for another that you have around. The M2R (not Pro) was better on that because it can use non proprietary batteries (like the S1R Baton I vs the S1R II).

The Warrior Mini also takes proprietary only, which is… :weary: However, the charging cable is free (not the wall dock).

Hum, Wurkkos has been establishing a name on the market, and this FC12, despite “boring” seems to be reliable. I bought an FC11 for my aunts and so far it has been doing great. And they are not into flashlights :smiley:

Again, thanks for your input on this and I hope the FC12 serves you well :beer:


Thank you!

I have given quite a few FC11’s to folks who needed a decent light but are not into lights.

If you want a Wurkkos light to get excited about as a flashlight enthusiast get the WK 30. Nothing comparable in the market for about 40 USD. The latest version has a true 365NM UV-Led and a perfectly machined tailcap plus some smaller improvements but this is my review of the original version:

It’s beyond me why anyone would buy a light with a proprietary battery. Batteries have followed standards for decades now. You are going back back in time by using a proprietary battery.

Makes absolutely no sense when 99.9% of the lights out there take standard batteries.

Thanks Markus!

I’d been looking at the WK30 but was turned off by the UV emitter. 395nm ran too much into the purple of the spectrum.
New version with the 365nm makes it more worthwhile.

BTW only found it on the Wurkkos Store on Aliexpress. The Sofirn store only had the older version.

Not everyone has special lithium batteries and you can recharge it using the light. Its a rebrand of a good battery not garbage like noname lights.

Just curious. How good is good… How do we know what is the actual battery underneath the wrapper… Just base on or because of branging???

Thanks for the suggestion Markus :wink:
Indeed the FC11 is quite a nice and easy to use light that it can be great for “regular users” (non enthusiasts).

As for the WK30, I’ve thought about it, I read and viewed reviews but somewhat the overall concept doesn’t appeal to me. I use other UV lights (smaller) so maybe it is a great flashlight but I am not much of a fond of it. Maybe I need to give it a second chance :wink:

Well, let’s invert the reasoning and think: maybe it makes sense buying a flashlight that has the UI that you really want/need (like the Warrior Mini I really wanted), but that happens to come with a proprietary battery, which you can still charge and replace if needed, and that - as Omega_17 said - does not seem a rubbish battery.

Despite I would like to use “normal” batteries on it, for me “that” flashlight is what I wanted/needed, and I wouldn’t pass on it ’cause of the battery.
But to each, its own!

I get so disappointed when Markus doesn’t blow up a light…

That said, proprietary is okay IF you can still use a regular cell. Eg, some lights will only have both poles brought to the front to be able to charge it in situ vs having to remove the cell to charge externally (or do things the old way and have to turn the light on in order to charge it).

And I love the old WK30. I thought it was a “gimmick” light at first, but when I played with it a while, man, it’s a hoot!

Infuriating. I don’t know why Olight thinks that THEY can get away with this. SONY tried it with Betamax and their proprietary memory sticks. Apple tried it with MacOS and had to eventually make iOS actually Linux under the covers. Proprietary replaceable batteries are kind of a death sentence, unless the maker offers them more cheaply and with promised abundance. Olight charges MORE for the same equivalent cell type and mAh than you can get with other 3rd parties. No, batteries are all about standardizing… and if you select an under-spec battery you simply get under-spec performance (e.g. 20A vs. 2A).

Olight makes some great hosts. I like their mostly simplistic, predictable UI’s. You grab an Olight and most of the time the clicks and click+hold commands are homogeneous. In their arrogance, Wurkkos will eat their lunch… or at least the more delectable side dishes not as costly as the entree. :wink: :partying_face:

I’ll accept a proprietary battery if it’s a built-in one and there IS a path to DIY replacement if so inclined. Olight does make good batteries, but $/mAh ratio is not very good.

I did flamethrower it and I took it for a warm shower. That has to be enough for a start. Within a few weeks it will have hit the ground many times but maybe I will still strap some explosives to it just to make sure :wink:

Sooo….it is a gimmick? You said it was a hoot not that it was useful! :stuck_out_tongue:

When recharging, the FC12 doesn’t require the tail switch to be clicked on. Does this mean it’s not truly mechanical and does not provide a physical lockout? Not necessarily a major concern for a duty light but something to be aware of.

I’d also rather use non proprietary batteries, but given the flashlight “has” what I want, it is a risk I’m willing to take in that model.
Klarus is doing the same thing regarding their similar model (E1).

From the manufacturer standpoint, they are creating and feeding a niche [good for them…] while for us customers it is another PITA, not having easily available cheap batteries that can be used in that/those flashlight(s). And we know that most manufacturers care about the customers’…money!

I also agree that their non-proprietary batteries are overpriced and we can easily find other substitutes. Only a true fan/fool would buy them. Maybe like Nitecore batteries too.

We can only hope that the market doesn’t become flooded with lights w/ proprietary batteries. But if they have what I need/want, I may risk it…

Sorry Markus for derailing the thread :person_facepalming:

BTW, Markus, can the FC12 be charged with any regilar USB-C cable or only the included one? TraiTrek had some complaints regarding the SC21 only taking the included cable, so I wanted to know, too! Thanks again!

When I screw off the tailcap and create a contact between tube and negative terminal the light comes on as I would expect from a mechanical switch system. It seems to charge no matter what position the mechanical switch is in. I have to check. Interesting.

Not a derailing as it was a big part in my original review. I am feed up with the proprietary battery system but I see the advantage in a professional user context. For emergency prep, survival, general use it is a nightmare though.

I am charging the light right now with a generic USB-C cable and it works fine, did not even unpack the original one yet. I have used a few different cabels on it so far. No problems unless perhaps u use a very fat one :wink:

Naw, it’s really handy. Normal creamy-white light, handy-dandy red to not get et by bugs when going outside, UV to make opossums fluoresce red.