Wurkkos TS10 Ti (v2) much more aggressive thermal stepdown compared to regular TS10?

Agreed it is not the best of the bunch…for me. It is more expensive, it is heavier, it doesn’t conduct heat as well, so does not maintain its brightness as well. The threads are not as smooth as the rest. The only thing it has is the cool factor of Ti. As I already have said, the trade offs are not worth it to me. But I just had to know what all the buzz was about. Even with all of that, I can’t call it “garbage”. But then I tend to not use hyperbole and do strive for accurate terminology in my descriptions.

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TS10 Ti arrived yesterday, I like the improved aux LEDs, can’t feel the difference in weight, and rarely run the light hard or for long periods so the thermal concerns aren’t a big deal. Will have to see how it goes over the next few months.

My black TS10 is the only light I’ve carried every day for the last year. If I could have only one light it would be the TS10 with no close second. But then that has to do a lot with my usage patterns of a flashlight.

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There is a new flowchart that covers the RGB TiTS10 Advanced mode,

thanks to this thread by @containerfan (go there for the Simple mode flowchart, which is now separate)

My TiTS10 is out for delivery today, I have marked up a flowchart with my anticipated options settings:
note I disable Turbo for Advanced mode, which then defaults to the 120/150 ceiling. Turbo is disabled in Simple mode by default, but the ceiling in Simple mode is too high imo, I recommend setting Simple mode ceiling no higher than level 120/150 (you can see I chose level 110)

here are some outputs by LED, for the Aluminium TS10:

TS10 6000K TS10 4000K TS10 sw45k TiTS10 6K
Level 120 476 390 339 490
Level 100 224 176 159 320
Level 50 17 13 12 20

(added my RGB TiTS10 6000K outputs)

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Mine should arrive any day now and it will be my first titanium light (probably my first titanium anything, really). It’s great many of us, myself included, are learning about the physical properites of different metals and how they affect flashlights.

I gotta hand it to Wurkkos for releasing such an enthusiast-focused light at an affordable price. Not only that, they listen to our feedback and then release brass, copper, titanium, and also different Al colors, CCTs, and RGB aux. It’s incredible to have that kind of relationship. I bet they’d make a version out of a block of cheese if enough of us asked.

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I agree!
If I wanted a 200 Lumen Titanium light, I could have bought an HDS Ti for $1000…

Instead I bought an RGB TiTS10 for under $40. For my money, the TS10 is the better light because, it is smaller, lighter, brighter, smoother ramping, and has more features. The HDS has no battery level indicator, no Aux, and no pocket clip.

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Couldn’t have said it better…

Dittos !!! Black has been in my pocket every waking moment since I got it. Ordered very soon after release.:+1:

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Thanks for your impressions and the pic, that light sure does look nice! :+1::+1:

And it arrived so fast! Did you buy it via Amazon?

Thanks for the informative table, really looking forward to the TiTS10 update!

+2! My ALTS10 is the light that rocks my world! That’s why I’m really anxious to see how the TiTS10 performs, mine still hasn’t shipped (the downside of the custom engraved version I managed to snatch).

Yes I bought via Amazon, ordered the day it became available.

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Received TiTS10, some details here

bottom line, there is definitely a serious thermal challenge. It is twofold

  1. Ceiling in advanced is set to 150/150, so disabling Turbo does not produce the expected 120 ceiling

  2. The thermal step down is severe at level 120, Im using Level 90 instead.

youre Right!
it turns out the ceiling in Advanced Smooth ramping is set to level 150/150… I lowered mine to level 90, and increased thermal ceiling to 55C

my 6000K TiTS10 light can now sustain about 225 lumens…

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Now I just need to learn how to set those levels :joy:

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from on, do 7H, let go at the second flash, then input 60 clics… and then do nothing and let the light stop flickering…

tip, you can do 10 clics at a time by doing 1H, so instead of 60 clics, you can do 6x long press

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The 4000k tint is worst than before. It’s disappointing to lose the track record with the Ti. Especially the Ti requires lower lumen usage. The beam quality is like a LH351D.

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Or get yourself a flashing kit from @thefreeman or @gchart and burn a new HEX with those configs baked right in (“burn” and “baked” chosen on purpose to ‘rhyme’ with all that unwanted TiTS10 ‘hotness’ :wink: )

As soon as I get mine, I will produce a new HEX with those configs built right in

And mine is already on the way, just got this email from Wurkkos:

Boo… :frowning_face: Why TF did Wurkkos have to change the main LEDs? :-1: They were perfect before…

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I have to say that the TiTS10 has disappointed me as well. Yes, I love the RGB aux. And I had low expectations on thermals because I was a machinist for enough years to know how titanium is; the only reason I have any titanium lights at all is because the TiTS10 is a TS10.

That’s a titanium thing. While I don’t like it, I expected it enough that I won’t hold it against Wurkkos.

My 4000K reminds me why I dislike SST20’s and 219F’s. I wonder how many layers of Lee’s minus-green I’ll need to make it look as nice as my CuTS10. The garbage bin is not a valid tint bin, IMO.

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What’s that?

[quote=“jerv, post:77, topic:220508, full:true, username:jerv”].

My 4000K reminds me why I dislike SST20’s and 219F’s. I wonder how many layers of Lee’s minus-green I’ll need to make it look as nice as my CuTS10. The garbage bin is not a valid tint bin, IMO.

A layer of 804 did the trick. I better grab the existing copper ones instead of waiting for RGB copper.

Ok, adding “804 layer” to my original Googling did the trick: LEE ZIRCON 804 ZIRCON MINUS GREEN 4 - L804 – Sparks Lighting Supermarket

I presume that’s what you folks are talking about?

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