Xeno E03

Hi,im new and this is my first post here, i am a self confesed flashaholic on a budget, i try to buy mid priced lights, ive not had to much luck with budget lights so far exept from my Romisen RC-N3 which i can not fault and is proberbly on par with my Quark MiNi 123

I found the site from a search on google, i had never seen this site before even though i am a member on Candlepowerforums also.

My question is about the Xeno E03 which i am expecting any day now, its the XM-L T5 version3, from what i have seen the light has a reverse clicky and a plastic retaining ring, has anybody modded one with a forward clicky with maybe a metal retaining ring ?

Also as good as these lights look ive heard they dont take bumps to well and after a drop they no longer work, has anyone on here had that troubble?

Thanks in advance


I've dropped my e03 several times already. Twice from waist high to concrete pavement. All it has is a nick on the tailcap light still works perfectly. Early batches did have trouble with bumps but it was fixed already long ago. My EO3 is V2 which is different from the new V3 aesthetically.

I have the same one you are getting, V3 and like it fine as is.....comes on in M, then I can go to L or H in much less than a second.

Actually, I tried forward click with multimode and didn't like it, too much trouble.

I have not dropped mine yet.

Thankyou for the reply, im glad youve said that, it has put my mind at rest a little more, is the V2 an XM-L? and how are you finding it ? im used to throw so this will be my first "flood" type light really, im planning on running a 14500, do you ?

Thanks jamie

V2 is related to the body, not the emitter. There are V2 xml, xpg, etc. My V2 is xml T5 NW. I usually run it with eneloop, occasionally on 14500 where it is a lot brighter. And it will be floody alright. One of my favorite lights. Highly recommended in this forum.

Welcome to BLF, Jamie! I don't have one but you made a great choice in light with the E03. Don't believe anything you hear in CPF regarding budget lights without coming here for the real information. When it comes to budget lights they are generally ignorant, bigoted ass-baiters.

The Xenos are extremely durable lights and I'd put them up against anything CPF recommends. Here is a video demonstrating how unreliable the Xeno E03 is when dropped more than once.

How unreliable are they? Not very, as you can see and as anyone here who owns one can tell you.


Dropped on all ends repeatedly. Takes a smashing and keeps on flashing!

hi, this is the xeno E03 thread:


it is a very durable robust torch. no need to worry!

mine is E03 V3 T6. paid 15€ shipped including E03 diffuser. brand new.

And since i got it for so little money, i am *not* going to sell it to anyone.

If you mod your tail switch please post a how-to :)

The switches on them seems to be a possible downfall with several on other forums reporting to have to use the spare switch. I have two E03s and one of the switches caused flickering, but I resolved it by penetrating the switch with wd-40 and it has worked great since.

The switch is retained by a plastic retaining ring threaded into a larger metal retaining ring...the latter retains the switch button. I haven't played with tail switches enough to know if the guts of a forward clicky would work or not. Good luck!

I liked my Xeno E03 when I first got it. After about a week I started having problems with it cycling through the modes. I emailed the guy I got it from and he suggested that I change the clicky switch. I did that and it worked better. Now after about 4 months of owning this light, it's starting to act up again. I'm getting a lot of flickering in the beam. I really have not used this light much and don't intend to do so. I really don't trust this light for edc. I have stopped recommending this light because of my experience with it. I'm also not happy with it's performance with AA NiMh batteries. I have bought a few lights from Shiningbeam that fill the same spot as the Xeno and I have really liked all of them.

On CPF members are always having lots of trouble with the High Dollar Flashlights.

Are we starting to get that too?

My Xeno E03 has been totally perfect for 4 months of EDC.

I am the Night Manager at a Chemical Plant. Each night, I go around and shine my flashlight into the dark areas to see if anything is running over and if the workers are smoking crack *smiles*.

i do have flickering with ALKALINES because Alkaline batteries cant handle the high currents. (well, the switch acts funny too but i am not too concerned.)

as soon as i feed my 14500's, there is no more flickering.

i dont own Eneloops.

I'm using mine on 14500s and eneloops.

If you think that you might need a lower low, keep an Alkaline AA or low voltage rechargable around.

without any issue, other than a knick. i was also going to refer you to the video JohnnyMac linked. i don't think you will have any problems with it, it is a great light. i run it on imr or tf 14500's.


which model do you have?

I have an extra E03 switch, if needed. Just PM me.

Thanks for all the replys, i havent received mine yet but its the NW neutral T5 XM-L, i allready have an AW 14500 for it and im expecting the light any day now.

When it comes i will definatley look into modding the tailcap/switch

I am also pleased that the newer versions are tougher:)



Mine is the V3.