XHP 70.3 HI exceeded my expectations

I have mf04s (aka GT70). I modded my light with bypassing springs, dedomeing and dicing. I was pleased with results nearly 890kcd. but I really didn’t liked beam and color profile of beam. When I see new xhp 70 series. I thought it will be nearly same with modded 70.2 (performance wise) but will be better with beam.

I ordered from aliexpress and today I swap leds. I’m so satisfied with results. With 1.12 mcd and so much better beam and even (less visible corona). I’m very happy with result.

xhp70.3 HI 80CRI 6500K

I, for one, would love to see some beam shots with, say, maybe a 63mm reflector.

Im planing to make beamshot database for my lights. i have 30-35 flashlight i need to go quarry. You guys need to wait around 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Beamshots, or it didn't happen. ;)

I am gearing up to swap for XHP-70.3 HI a BLF GT and an Acebeam K60 in the following days, will try to post comparison pics.

Nice. I’m thinking about it…$20 for a single emitter is a bit spendy when it’s like 40% of the cost of the flashlight

You, my friend, may not have been around on the flashlight scene back when the sst-50 emitter was $35 JUST for the emitter in 2009

Thanks, looking forward to seeing and hearing about the BLF GT swap. I’m considering that also. The 70.2 is great but I never bothered to dedome it.

How are those 70.3 HI swaps going? Im considering one for my GT4 but hope to avoid the hassle of re-shimming the reflector to focus it.

It remember browsing AE for LEDs and seeing those sst50 and sst90 emitters going for $30+. That was in 2018. In 2021, a good bin xhp70.2 was $17 shipped. They are still expensive even 5 years into their service life.

Here are the results, the beam on the K60 got smaller than the beam of the Convoy 3X21A SFT40 has about the same throw and brightness (3X21A still beats it)

Did you had to reflow the LED or managed to find one with the right sized PCB? I have a original GT with the XHP70.2 conversion kit and would love to try the new 70.3 Hi!

I reflowed the led, it was not hard at all, used an electric skillet set at 380F. I am going to do my GT next, will keep you updated

I just finished swapping the XHP70.2 on my BLF GT to XHP70.3 HI and the beam is so intense and small now! It is about 10% bigger than the Acebeam K70 HP35 HI beam which is a throw monster but with at least twice the brightness!!! Definitely worth the upgrade. Holesheit! I love it! :heart_eyes:

Here are some comparison beamshots, top is BLF GT with XHP70.3 Hi on turbo. Bottom is AceBeam K70 with XHP35 HI, barely noticeable dark spot in the center of the GT beam.

That looks great Alex!

Did you have to make any changes to the centering ring to focus the reflector?

Does the hotspot disappear at greater ranges, or does it remain or get larger?

I’ve been pretty satisfied with my Sofirn Sp70 but I’ve also been waiting for a worthwhile upgrade from the 5000k 70.2. Would the 70.3 be worth it? The HI should tighten the beam up quite a bit and KD has both 4000k and 5700k in 90cri… But does that thing need a 6v or 12v config?

Stock it is a 6V config

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I have different centering rings that TexasAce was kind enough to send me when he sold me the Driver, I used the thinnest one that is about 1 mm or less thick, I could try sanding it down but so far I think I am satisfied with the results, will try it outdoors when the sun goes down and decide from there. THE XHP70.3 HI is 12V as far as I know, and it is definitely an upgrade from the domed version of the led.

Made this post in the Modding forum with what I did

My BLF GT is from the first series and it is still very stock. I’ve seen some mods that are a bit beyond my skills, because they were mostly based on reflowing the led.
If Luminton (Neal?) could update their conversion kit with an XHP70.3 HI led I probably would jump on the wagon.

No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. Put the same post also in other thread.

These 70.3 HI’s seem to often have this slightly darker center if used with default centering gasket. If I remember right, thinning the gasket makes it less visible. Or the other way around. :smiley: