Xiaomi 16000mAh powerbank


Usually I skip this kind of news as we all know that chinese mAh is like chinese lumens - total BS.

But I think Xiaomi is a little different. I own a couple of their products and they make really good quality stuff, and also the reviews of the smaller sized powerbanks from Xiaomi were positive. There should be 5x3200mAh LG (4,35V) batteries inside:

I found it here for 23€: http://en.efox-shop.com/xiaomi-16000mah-51v36a-powerbank-portable-batterie-ladegerat-fur-smartphone-und-tablet-g-297078
Any idea if they are original or fake? Any other website that sells original xiaomi powerbanks for a low price?

Those cells are rated for 3200mAh, but at 4.35v. To get to that capacity, the powerbank will need to be able to charge the cells to 4.35v. Otherwise, if it can’t do that and they’re charged to a more typical 4.20v, then their capacity is reduced to around 3000mAh. That’ll make them a 15000mAh powerbank. Still a high capacity though.

As for whether they’re genuine or not, I’d contact Xiaomi’s official website and ask the question there. It’s not showing up on the site yet.

Banggood has those in stock for a slightly higher price, whether they are genuine or not, I don’t know.

It would seem odd to pay the premium for high capacity 4.35v cells and then hobble them by only charging to 4.2v, particularly since this isn’t sold as having an extended lifetime.

Looks like it uses a Ti BQ24195 chip which provides both an integrated switch-mode charge Li-ion charger and a boost converter controller for driving the USB. The BQ24195 has a configurable charge termination voltage up to 4.4v. I imagine Xiaomi is charging to 4.35v.

Interesting chip. Only available in VQFN, unfortunately. Not very DIY friendly.

Im not sure Efox are selling genuine, they have 10400mAh bank for only 9.99 euros and they come in variety of colors, so Im not sure, its cheap, way cheap, usually those are fakes at this price point.

I have been looking for this info. Lazada Indonesia sells for less than US $ 24 (http://www.lazada.co.id/xiaomi-powerbank-16000-mah-silver-484625.html) It’s an official Xiaomi online store in Indonesia.

Thanks for the info. I will unpack them for my lights.

I got from Bangood two Xiaomi 16000 power bank, one shipped on January and one shipped in first week of March. Both have LGABE11865 (3200mAh purple 4.35v) cells. The main IC BQ24195 is set to charge the cells up to 4.35V, 3.00V cut off and 170mAh termination current. I bought the battery pack to harvest the cells and in the same time to use electronics as 4.35v charger. It can be used if at least two cells are charged because termination current will translate in to 85mAh/cell. The charging parameters are set by external MCU ZM (ABOV) 97F1204SMBN. So, it is not user friendly to change these. Of course the cells must be connected before the 5V power input.

It seems that Xiaomi has a new revision for 16000 power bank. One buyer has posted in April 8, one image that show the new revision. The new revision has Panasonic NCR18650BE green cells. These are 4.20V cells. The cut off value is the same 3.00V, so this new revision has less energy because the cut off value is to high and because booster efficiency is lower with 4.20 cells. It is very easy to check which revision is from specs printed on bottom case. Near "16000" big number is the nominal cell voltage. The one with LG cells is 3.75V and the one with Panasonic cells is 3.7V. Also the capacity at 5.1V is different, 10800 for Lg cells and 10200 for Panasonic cells. The new revision it is a cheap source to get Panasonic 3200mAh cells at around 5 USD for every cell. The bad part you can`t get less than five cells. :)