XML T6 modding

Hi people,

I am new here and I have a question: I recently bought a pretty cheap flashlight from Amazon, which is supposed to have a Cree XML T6. As far as I know, this is a pretty good LED and capable of a lot of light for a cheap flashlight. The LED is currently running on 1A on max and the XML T6 is rated for 3 A i think. Is it possible to mod the driver, so that the light gets more power?
Thanks in advance

what battery is in the torch , have you got a link for the torch?

Modding the driver may be possible, but it depends on the driver. More details about it are needed before you can get an answer.

Watch out for the heat. More amperes mean more heat. You need either a driver that adjusts power to flashlight body temperature (or timed step down) or a body big enough to dissipate the heat. Otherwise you will fry the led.


Here is a Link to the Flashlight. It uses one 18650 cell.
I can post a picture of the driver if that helps.

what make and model of battery have you installed

take a picture of the driver , that would help also

and take a picture of the led

looks a interesting light :slight_smile:

The torch has different modes. Is it possible, to leave the medium mode as is and just push the max mode a little further?
I am pretty new to flashlight modding, but I have some basic knowledge in electronics.
Also sorry for my poor english, I am writing from germany


Here is a Link to the pictures I just took. I hope this works and the pictures are any good.

The battery doesn’t say, what brand it is, the only thing on there is “ICR 18650 2200mAh 3.7V”. I don’t think it is pretty good, but it came with the flashlight.

i think if you find the part number for this then you could piggyback another one on the top of it and double the power output to the led

dont quote me on that though , but it looks like a 7135 kid of . maybe its different though

It says A1SHB on there. What exactly does it do?
As far as I can tell, it is rated for up to 2.8A, so it should be sufficient, shouldn’t it?

ok that could be some kind of protection for the battery maybe

what is that big chip got writen on it, if you can see it

and the little chip below it,and that small black of between the big one and little one

The big chip has nothing written on it…
The chip ont the bottom right says Mc811
The chip next to the big chip just says S4

i think the big chip could be the processor for the modes of the light high low etc

the a1shb is some kind of fet device and i belive its for the power
but its recomended applications are for something else

im kind of lost and this problerly needs someone more experienced in electonics then me, i studdyed a long time ago


Thanks for your help anyway. Maybe someone Else knows something. Is it possible to swap the driver for something else instead?

That’s not a 7135, this is:

This XML T6 looks like a cheap chinese copy. You should replace it with a genuine XML2 or a Luminus SST40. Make sure to use thermal paste underneath the led.

To increase the output you could add one or two resistors on top of the four 1R0 which should be the current sense resistors and responsible for the high mode. If you add resistors be careful because too much current could fry the driver or the led.

If you want higher quality flashlights have a look at Sofirn or Convoy on Aliexpress. Those generic zoomie flashlights are quite bad in both manufacturing and performance. If you are determined enough to put in a new led and driver and maybe some copper to improve thermal properties you can actually turn it into a quite decent flashlight.

The resistors are 1R8 but i guess the advice would be the same?
What kind of flashlight would you recommend? By the time i get a flashlight and swap led, driver and cooling, can’t I just get all those parts and get a flashlight case for that?
I was also thinking of building a flashlight from scratch and I really would like to do that with the XHP 70, but i guess this would be pretty hard because of the high heat output. Any recommendations here?

Yeah, sorry, but any cheapie light that still has “XML T6” on it is likely garbage.

There are so many decent lights out there (even on Amazon) that would likely be cheaper and better vs just trying to mod/replace the driver. Nonzoomie, but look up the FC11 or SC31 if you want a great light with onboard charging.

Anyhoo, before anyone says “Just shut up if you don’t have anything to contribute!” :laughing: , you can bypass those 4 “1R0” chip-resistors (its “regulation”, if you could call it that) which make up a ballast resistance of ¼Ω with a few more on top, reducing the resistance a bit more.

You’ll still have whatever Angry Blue™ LED is in there, but at least you’ll be pushing it harder.

Convoy c8

Perfect for mixing and great starter light

Xhp50 in and it throws

I just ordered some resistors and i will try my luck.
I really like tinkering with this stuff, so i don’t mind if it doesn’t get me the best experience from the start.

@ forsh how big is the difference between the xhp 50 and the xhp 70?
I already ordered a xhp 70 a few days ago, and i would really like to try it out, I only need a case for it and the convoy c8 only accepts one 18650 cell and i need two.