XP-L HI, 5-mode P60 Drop-in from Kaidomain (Arrived)

The 5-mode, SMO reflectored P60 drop-in from KD just arrived 30 minutes ago. Nicely packaged and well-machined. Good reflector--surprisingly neat and clean and non-budgety-looking (disregard the dusty lens in the pic). I wasted no time in getting it into the waiting-and-ready 502B host and firing it up. I am extremely impressed with the tint, output, and throw...

XP-L HI vs 3amp, 920-lumen XM-L U2 on copper (from I.O.)

I am VERY impressed with the sustained tightness of the beam. Due to its unique reflector, this IO drop-in (right) I've had since 2011 and loved. It has been THE throwiest drop-in I've ever tested outside of an XR-E--and the HI totally cleans its clock. Beam stays tight way out, kinda like a regular C2 or C8. Pretty awesome reach for such a small package.

For what I paid, I'm very happy thus far.

I ordered a KD C8 with a XP-L HI which is due to arrive any day now. I intend to post a review when completed.

Good to see that the P60 drop in they see performs very well. Any idea o what driver is used in the drop in? From photos on KD it doesn’t appear to have any 7135’s, it may be direct drive on high.

Didn't look familiar. I will have to check tonight.

Thanks also for posting the details of your experience. I was tempted to buy one of these dropins but was unsure of it’s performance. Based on your comments it’s a good buy for people wanting a very good performing P60 drop in.

Any links?


In the beam shot comparison, XP-L HI vs 920-lumen XM-L U2, the one on the right is brighter. Since XP-L HI is 1600 lumen, shouldn’t it be the one on the right?

Doesn’t 502b get too hot?

The XP-L HI drop in is not 1600 lumens. They can be driven hard and reach close to that but not in a P60, not with that driver.

From looking at the carpet beamshot it’s impossible to determine which is brighter, since both hotspots are over saturated. You see XM-L2 beam brighter because of the floodier beam, but the XPL HI is more intense.

Isn’t the spec for P60?

That’s good to know that floody appear to give brighter beam.

I do not believe the driver is direct drive, it has to be a buck driver if the input voltage specifications are correct: 3V-8.4V

XP-L HI is unmistakably brighter, but the beamshots are pointing at a darker carpet. And as stated, HI is more intense. Took it out last night and the HI throws like the old UF 980L or better. Pretty dang impressive for such a small light.

Web page says 3-mode even though listing 5 modes! Does this have 2 mode groups?

Mine said 5-mode, but there is no alternate mode access. And I don't believe it is direct-drive, although this hasn't been tested yet.

5-mode: http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S024266

Wonder if the batch now is different from the one you got yours. Asked because if indeed two mode groups, wondering how you change mode groups as Web does not have that info. Ordered one per your strong recommendation to install into 502b, Orange Peel.

Cree XP-L HI V2 6500K 1600 Lumens 3V-8.4V 5-Mode

Product Specification:
Modes: 3-Mode (Hi > Med > Lo > Strobe > SOS)

(I did not catch the 5-Mode in the subject line.)

Hmm… It may be time to update some of my old Solarforces :)!!


Not a thread-jack.
Other vendors coming along with XP-L HI offerings.

Sorry for we are making a careless mistake on the desc.

It is 5-Mode (Hi > Med > Lo > Strobe > SOS)

If you get the wrong drop-in, you can send to our sales support or PM me.

Could be even smaller in a 501A with a decent 18350 behind it…… :bigsmile: