xtar shop Ebay thanksgiving markdowns (US Shop only)

Hey guys, been a while, Not sure if any of you picked up on this but xtarshop on ebay has some markdowns going on right now.


(https Everywhere)

Picked up wk41 $15 shipped US.

Good to be able to type again :slight_smile:

EDIT: Looks like this sale is over.

12-3-15 : Sale is back on :slight_smile:

Thanks man. I was looking for a cheap 4.35v charger.

picked up a WK40 and a WK41. Crazy prices! Amazon wants $49 for the WK40, I paid $13 and change. Thanks for the heads up! Should have bought em all and resold em.

I was keen on the WK41 with cell and charger for $19.00, until I saw the cost of postage. $27.33!

This xtar shop and their deals are only for usa.

Yep US only :frowning:

Thank you Noodle :slight_smile: I picked up a wp2h charger.

Same here :frowning:
It showed free shipping until I wanted to buy it.

I have updated the title to show US only.

Always wanted a WK40. Price to great not to. Thanks.

Does anyone know if you can run a 14500 with a dummy cell in a WK40 safely?
If so does it increase the output?
They show working voltage as 1.5-3.5v but as we have seen before, sometimes manufacturers under rate true maximums.
Any help appreciated.


Great prices Thanks! Ordered a WK40 and WK50 in pink, Both for gifts. 200 is plenty lumens for someone who hasn’t handled led flashlights before.

It seems to be a boost driver so probably no, but there is the wk41 if you want to run a 14500.

I watched a video of one of these offerings, I think it was the WK42. It appeared the light that measures the battery voltage is ‘on’ all the time? Can anyone confirm that?

edit: maybe it on because it was below 25%?

Xtar w50 in pink only.

Got the wk41 also. Says will be here November 30. Fast compared to China. I guess it comes from U.S.?

I have a wK40 that went “solid red” 25? yes? on me once but after re inserting the same batteries was cleared. These were Duraloops I was using and I did not get another red till about 15min more of run-time. Never ran one down to the 5 blink

EDIT: i did not have a DMM handy to read the voltages

grabbed 2 WK41’s
can’t beat $15 and free shipping.
Thanks Noodles.

ooh, thanks for the heads up, I’ve been looking for a decent charger! 8)

So now 15$ for WK41, WK42 is good enough to “grab 2 pcs”! and “can’t beat $15” but a week ago when I wanted to organise a sale with XTAR everyone was “oh noo, those are old XML emitters, I would pay 10$ at most for outdated models”
Bravo BLF…

It’s not, only when battery drops below certain level (25) it starts to be constant red on and below 5 it starts blinking red…

Did you actually mention a price and did any of the above members comment in that thread? It seems to have been axed.

Even though members were saying $10, a lot would still have purchased at $15. In my opinion $15 isn’t that good, however add in a cell and charger for the extra $4 and that is a good deal.

There are plenty of members outside the US that couldn’t get in on this. I’m sure if you can match or slightly better the prices with free international shipping plenty of members will be happy to purchase.