Yet another MyLED headlamp deal

Now includes both wall and car chargers and still the price is only $8.90 (shipped) with coupon redheadlight

(Non-aff link here)

Dang nice!

I got the first one from the other link for $7.00 shipped…they posted a coupon code after and got a 2nd shipped for $6.50

I wonder if this one will have the same driver

payday I will be ordering a set of the driver boards I designed

thanks =the=, ordered 2 more for the kids.

Nice. Thanks for the heads up.

BTW, your affiliate link didn’t work…

i have to many headlights now. :stuck_out_tongue: i still have not found my “perfect” Headlight yet, one with 2 or 3 modes, ( no strobes or hidden strobes) a good tint main emitter ( or moddable) and an additional switchable emitters with both red and U/V, and have a flip-down or slide-over diffuser for flood use.

Are these the ones that someone reviewed and found no heatsink under the led star? :quest:

Anyone has a picture of the internals?


i have the perfect headlamp for you!
nitecore hc90. its expensive though, but it has almost everything you listed.

i have the vn version , its over 1000 lumens now, and its a great light. wide flood

I wonder why myled erased the old threads ( about the 7$ Headlamp and the 17$ one ) .

I wonder that too.
I have the $7 headlamp and it came DOA. Upon checking the very thin + wire was not connected. After soldering it, it worked perfectly.I also put a DC Fix - like patch on the outside of the lens and the beam is so much better!

This new item is slightly different. The switch is on top instead of the back.

a patch on the lens ? to increase flood ?

I received my $7 headlamp and it's the best $7 I've ever spent on a light. An incredible deal at $7 and still incredible at $8.90! The top switch on this makes it even nicer. I got mine in about 2 weeks time with the free shipping and no tracking.

Is the driver the same size as the $7 one?

It’s a frosted film which you put on house windows so people from the outside cant clearly see the inside. Got a 12x24 film for around $2 converted in a local thrift shop. The beam is now more similar to a sipik sk98 whem zoomed out. The hotspot is barely visible and all i see is a diffused circular wall of white light. :slight_smile:

It works VERY well at diffusing the spot beam…makes the headlight PERFECT for in close work but still be able to blast enough light out to see if you need to far away (without the hot spot throwiness)

i have to find me some of this material to test it out then.

Here is what I did.

I even removed glass. I guess my old cell phone case worked pretty good. lol

I have no clue since I don’t have this one but it looks exactly like the $7 one I just for except for the switch placement on the head. I would bet that is exactly the same driver.

redheadlight coupon doesn't work anymore ... Tried 1 hour ago, was working went back to review this thread, now it appears to be "Dead" .... missed out on a good deal.

Hmm… Why did the $7 thread get deleted? I was hoping to look at those pictures again to see which leg to jumper to remove the modes.