YEZL Y3 CNQUALITYGOODS Group buy. 3 Versions. See post 274 for delivery details.

Ric has given me the go ahead for a group buy on this light.

They are available in the different battery configurations, 1 (A), 2 (B) or 3 (C) cell versions.

Minimum orders before shipping commences is 20 units. Edit. The lights will not ship until the minimum amount has been ordered.

The led has been confirmed by Ric as being an XML-2 U2 cool white.

Reflector is smooth.

18650 adapters are included.

This group buy will close sometime on the 1.8.14. Edit. This will now end when 50 lights are sold.

AR lenses are available at $3.00 each.

Ordering is direct at website.

If you have ordered please post here so that I can keep tabs on quantities.

Pricing is as per the following,

Version A. $27usd with tracking number.

Version B. $30usd with tracking number.

Version C. $32usd with tracking number.

Shipping by E-package around 10 days to USA, West Europe
Other country by China registered post.

My personal comment is from past experience that your tracking number may or may not work but you all know that.


As a disclaimer I recieve no compensation for this group buy. Not even a light so go easy on me.

1. MRsDNF + 1 AR lens All lenses are on condition of a reasonable price.

2. MRsDNF + 1 AR lens

3. RaceR86 + 1 AR lens

4. GeoCan46

5. downlinx + 1 AR lens

6. antiparanoico + 1 AR lens

7. light dispels d... + 1 AR lens

8. needmorlts

9. moridin

10. Tom E

11. Suncoaster

12. buttholeflashlight + 1 AR lens

13. ImA4Wheelr + 1 AR lens

14. Gj

15. Gj

16. led4power + 2 AR lenses

17. dodo + 1 AR lens

18. southland

19. Flitsmal

20. Flitsmal


22. DrJones

23. CarbonCrew

24. DBC (gotcha now)

25. nofearek9 + 1 AR lens

26. CarbonCrew

27. Down_South + 1 AR laens

28. locusto03 + 1 AR lens

29. mhemling33

30. gadabout + 1 AR lenses

31. gadabout + AR lenses

32. troisanh + 1 AR lens

33. Tumbleweed48 + 1 AR lens


35. allthumbs + AR lens

36. arekm + AR lens

37. grantman321 + 1 AR lens

38. grantman321

39. will manners + AR lens

40. Down_South + 1 AR lens

Two lights left.

Long discussion and thoughts thread here.

More info on the light here. The picture shows an XML-2. Specs say XML-2 U2, I will confirm with Ric.

Edit. TomE has done a comprehensive strip down here.

Im in!

Why am i reminded of a light built from a bicycle pedal?

Yes, why three indeed?


Do we know if all 3 versions share the same driver?

To the best of my knowledge there's only one base unit, you can buy it with or without extension tubes. I have a 1 cell and a 3 cell version from WB, either base unit works with 1,2 or 3 cells without visible output variation.

Thanks Gj.

+1 same here. Pretty sure the 1 cell versions I bought from WB were with buck driver circuitry. The 2 cell might make a nice MT-G2 host with a zener mod driver. Not sure of the reflector opening - will check this eve.

They do. I just bought four of them from WB and they are all identical. Only difference among the samples was one had orange o-rings instead of red.

Speaking of the light, I did some measurements last night, and the emitter shelf is up to 8mm thick! I’ll take some pictures of the light and post them here… now just to figure out how.


These have an XM-L2 T6, correct? What’s the tint like?

Cool white, looks identical tint to a stock DST on my living room ceiling just now.

Thanks. And it XM-L*2*?

Thanks MrsDNF!!! And cnq.

It look like we don't have to wait for a minimum amount of interested people right?

Mrsdnf, maybe you could link to 1 or a few reviews, mods, so people can get more excited.

The Yezl's are XM-L2, the DST is XM-L.

This was bought as a single cell - note the big inductor for buck circuitry. Nice flat pill top, single piece uni-body style and easy access to the pill top. Massively thick pill top I might add...

In this thread:, post #77 has stock measurements I made, post #86 has the prelim mod #'s and post #117 had final #'s, after the UCLp upgrade. My #'s may be a little high (optimistic?) but I use the very best cell I have, actually the Powerizer may be the best cell in existence - too bad you can't buy them anymore.