YEZL Y3 CNQUALITYGOODS Group buy. 3 Versions. See post 274 for delivery details.

Simple answer to your centering problem.

Fixed. I love it even though it is driven on high under 3 amps.

Sure but can it throw? Across the yard maybe Smile. I'm thinking that pic is hiding a custom built extension tube on the back of that thing, knowing you Wink.

Without going into human nature, you may be more right. A few months back I admired a beam shot, but then some one pointed out its obvious fake. So l looked at other beam shots of different flash lights from the same seller and lo and behold several used the same beam shots — even when the flashlights are different types. Let’s hope that’s the case here. The two peeky shots of the reflector looks shiny/smooth without any ripples.

I'm in. Haven't done one of these type of GB's yet. Do we order now or wait until 20 is hit?

Order now. He's shipping them already - mine shipped w/tracking already. Lokos like he's got at least qty 50. Seems like he didn't wait for 20 ordered - fine by me Smile.

HKJ’s review
“Very good capacity and good performance for a high capacity 26650 battery.”

Supersports600 on ebay has them at $29.95 for two.
Australia only though.

OK. Order placed. Thank you MRsDNF for organizing this GB and Tom E for answering my question.

Lucky, mine hasn’t shipped yet.

Thanks Suncoaster. I have seen checked them out already but I would rather use the protected ones.

I have not come across anyone selling them.

We are up to fourteen ordered on the website. We need another six.

Glowing recommendation from Rusty Joe:

Ordered 2 Venison C, BBQ at the ready.

do is the tail switch for on/off, and the front side switch to switch modes?

Exactly, order is H>M>L with memory.

Don’t forget the hidden strobe… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Darn, it took me months to forget, now I have to start over. :|

Ordered one,thanks.

What about AR lenses?If everyone takes 2 we'll probably have min. 50pcs required for custom CNQ order?

Thanks guys.

Some answers from Ric.

Reflector is smooth.

18650 adapters are included.

Led is XML-2 U2 cool white.

To date there is sixteen ordered.

Ordered one for now, wanted more but you guys are killing me with all the group buys, I’m worse than broke. Thanks Steve and Ric.

Just ordered one C version.