You can have only two lights. They are?

Let’s say you decide to go minimal and decide to strip down your entire collection to only two lights.

They have to cover these use cases:

  • At least one headlamp for use in camping/hiking and around the house. Should be lightweight for travel and backpacking purposes with a lot of runtime.
  • One alternative light of your choosing that is practical (thrower? lantern? other?) This one doesn’t have a weight limitation since it would be used around the house only.

Your budget is $150, bonus points if you can get it under $100.

My thoughts:

  • Headlamp: Either Zebra H53Fc or Nitecore NU25 because it’s so light, but I don’t like that the battery is no-replaceable. Wish they would at least make a version of the nitecore that had a bigger batter for 0.5 to 1oz heavier.
  • Thrower: Unsure. Would want something that’s throwy, but still has useful spill within 200 ranges. Something like the Sofirn C8A that uses the xp-l2 instead of the xp-l hi. Or maybe a slightly bigger light with the XHP35 / 50?

Headlamp would be the Panda 3 that AEDe reviewed a while back. I got one and it is really good. I don’t know if you can get one or not, though. It’s right now only sold in Russia. The reason I got one is because someone re-sold it to me and shipped it to USA. Meanwhile, BLF might get around to working on a headlamp as well. That would be nice.

Other light would be the Olight S1A. It has some quirks, but for me is a very practical light. It can use a 14500 or Alkaline/NiMH/Lithium Primary AA cell.

no headlight knowledge
so if i just had to have one light: astrolux s1 - with 18650 tube and warm led
semi floody
great ui
cheap - $25 usually

The very notion of only owning two flashlights, is unimaginable.

For me, size and weight would be one of the biggest criteria that would rule out alot of lights, including EDC friendly use.

1)Headlamp: Zebralight H600fc MK4 or Armytek Tiara Pro 4 x e21A (custom by Clemence)
2)Throwy EDC: Zebralight SC600w HI MK3

and if there was a third:
3) option would be a multi emiter light for efficiency and tint/CRI goodness: A triple or quad with Nichia 219b/c 90+ CRI.

(3) D cell Maglite; Mini- Maglite.

I work abroad a lot so limit what I take with me.

Headlamp: Skilhunt H03 in NW

Handheld: Emisar D4 4000k

I also use a zanflare T1 lantern as a bedside lamp because work accomodation lighting is awful.

Ok, I’ll play. Since only 2 lights, I think it makes sense to be able to share cells.

Headlamp: Skillhunt H03 NW (quite floody)

2nd light: C8 (more throw to compliment the H03)

Waterproof carrier for extra cells: Q8 :innocent:

MF02 which you can pick up right now for less than $80, and an H502d.

But if you need the headlamp often, H600Fd Mk IV, and an Emisar D1S/BLF GT mini

My 2 most used lights are

Armytek Prime Pro A1 used with 18350 body as AC light. Also have AA body and 18650 body. Skilhunt clip for deeper pocket carry and still use the tail magnet, clip had magnets epoxied to it but I lost the last one a few days ago. Dang now I got something to do. Used it today while adding water tank drain to camper. This light has been on a 40 day run, would of been much longer but I carried a Armytek partner for a few days.

Armytek Wizard Pro headlamp. Older one with XPL. Use it almost daily. Did today while I hacked a thermo electric cooler.

Both lights are a warmish tint.

These 2 lights could easily be my only 2 lights. But what fun would that be???

Edit- Adding both of these lights were bought on sale. I am under $100 including the extra bodies, cells and a charger.

So hard but it would have to be

1) GT Mini
2) astrolux MF01

my Maratacs, Tools, and Olight Minis have hat compatible clips. as does my aspheric lensed Utorch

Klarus makes a more reliable version than the Utorch, still with aspheric lens, like the McGizmo Sundrop. Aspherics have really useful beams, to see my hands and what Im doing at arms length, with an indoor headlamp. It is the most amazing alternative to a hot spot and spill, for close use.

here is another pairing… stock 6000k Cool White (Cool Green) magnetic rotary with infinite adjustment of super low lows… very efficient and still able to reach out with 600 lumens… plus the modded Warm White 2000k Utorch Aspheric S1 Mini, as a battery backup, and headlamp… I recommend the Klarus version instead since its medium is 45 lumens instead of 100, so 6 hour battery life around camp with a headlamp

The upcoming ArmyTek Wizard Pro Nichia 144A and a Solarforce L2.

At what point does that stop being white and start being amber?


I reject the limitation of only two, so I’d select:

  • RJ02 headlamp.

  • Q8.

  • UT20.

  • SP32Av2.

  • old/original SP10A.

1….Headlight…… Jetbeam Jet1 MK with cap clip.

2….Torch carry……Imalent DN35. (Shhhh, or Astrolux S41)

This IS from a choice of what WE own, ain’t it.
I’m discounting the throwers as such.

Olight H2R
Rofis MR70

I don’t consider a 2000k flashlight in my “only two” and I also don’t consider a mega thrower in my “only two”. So I will have to pick just good all around lights that just plain work. Out of the ones I own would be either a Lumintop Tool AA or Ultratac A1 and a BLF A6 or a Sofirn C8F. If I am in desperate need of a headlamp I will duct tape one of them to my head.

Souped up 4-6 D cell Maglite( for lighting and protection)

Sofirn c8 souped up