You can have only two lights. They are?

Oh yeah, I’ll be looking for that armytek

1) My Nichia 90CRI 4000K Skillhunt H03
2) Q8


Call 911, I’ve suffered a major brain aneurysm. :confounded:

“You can only have 200 lights. Which ones do you pick?” :disappointed:

One light for each head? You have two heads? :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect ..... and about 80$ total

but two lights is just wrong on many levels

Sunwayman V10Rti variable brightness modded with LH351D 4000k 90CRI for ease of use with just the right amount of light for the task at hand.
Second one would be a hard choice between Zebralight SC600W III or DQG triple with A6 driver running Narsil or Emisar D4 running Anduril. I just can’t say which one I would pick, thats a hard choice for me, Can I pick 4 lights instead? :smiley:
Opps, forgot price.
$100 for the V10Rti
All but the zebra under 50 unless you count the mods, zebra $65.

Skilhunt H03 $30
Emisar D1S $35

Nitecore HC60

Then…… one (1) of these…

  • Nitecore EA45S
  • Convoy M1
  • Sofirn SP32A V2.0

I paid $39 for the HC60 on sale.
$36 for the EA45S on SUPER SALE!!
M1 is around $22 if self built.
Paid about $18 for the Sofirn on sale.

1. Zebralight SC600w Mark IV 18650 XHP35 Neutral White High Intensity
2. Zebralight H604c XHP50.2 Flood 4000K High CRI Headlamp

I actually have them just for this reason - if I should take only 2 lights for longer time. They do almost everything well in a compact package with good reliability and efficiency, batteries are interchangeable also. Not the cheapest solution, but if only 2 lights are with me, I would hope for higher reliability for longer time.

Armytek wizard v2 CRI90
KDIY k5s 3000k

1. Zebralight H600Fc.

2. This one is a bit more tricky… if it was a thrower, I’d say the Emisar D1S. If I was to cheat a bit, I’d say a P60 host+modules including a Nichia 219C, XPL HI, UV, etc. Overall, I’d probably go with the BLF A6 in 5A tint, or ideally modified with a warm XPL HI.

I always thought these flashlight people were nuts. Ordered myself an H03 on here and planned to stop there.

Then, was offered reviews, and found giveaways.

So far I have:

- Skilhunt H03 (paid $23) - keeping

- Sofirn SF14 (free from review)

- Thorfire TK05 (free from review)

- Thorfire TK01 (free from review)

- Sofirn C8A (free from review)

- Folomav A4 charger (free from review)

- Nitecore LA10 (won in giveaway)

  • Thorfire VG15S (won in giveaway).

Oops. Looking to sell most of the above if anyone is interested in brand new flashlights. Only plan to keep the H03 and Folomav charger I think. Maybe the sofirn C8A. I just have too many and am moving soon. Also have a liitokala and a bunch of batteries as well, of course.

Curious - What did they do to the SP10A in future versions that you didn’t like?

Ohhh, this always makes my head hurt…

Once upon a time was the SP10A. I imagine there might’ve been a regular SP10, but ain’t sure. Anyhoo, the A had l/m/h and 2click for strobe. Then came the SP10B, and the B had f/l/m, 2click for h, 3click for strobe, 4click for lockout. The red and blue Bs followed suit. Then, the red/blue remained Bs, but the black Bs were relabeled and sold as the new As. Then, I think there were tweaks to the new-new As, but I don’t have any of those. Then the new-new SP10s and v2 that was just released not too long ago.

So you need to specify old/original A if you’re talking about l/m/h+s, vs the new A if you’re talking about f/l/m+h+s+LO.

Confused yet? Again, that’s not touching the new-new As with tweaked UI, or the new v2 of the SP10 family.

Yep, my head hurts…

Oh, it’s not that I don’t like either the A or B. The B has a nicer tint, whereas the old A was a bit greenish. Just that for a nightlight, you can stick the B on firefly and turn that on normally, but 2click to get instantly to high, even from off. The A has the regular rotation, and being that in the Bs firefly is really firefly (sublumen) and only really useful up-close, the A can come in handier if you don’t need/want firefly.

So they’re just different, and which UI you want for a given purpose is what’s the better light for that purpose.

Most times, I keep reaching for the old A, despite the green.

I do NOT own any Headlamps and am not fond of restrictions or limitations!

1.TN42vn 90


Actually I did pretty good except for the price limit,I am ~ 5X over that!

At this point in time I would have to say

Q8 - Longest run time at a decent lumen level of all my lights . Can be used as a lantern with a diffuser

D4- Just a well made , fun pocket light.

Subject to change with my next purchases.

Second mentions : Sofirn SP 10A, OTR U18, Sofirn C8F

There are always 2 lights in the car, a compact thrower on LiION, and a glove compartment light on NiMH.
When I get into the car, that’s 2 more lights. One in my BOB. My Enogear 14500 SS in my breast pocket.
Ever since I bought that last light, it goes wherever I go. Except under the shower.
And when I am on a holiday, there is a backpack loaded with whatever I think is useful on that trip.

Sounds pathetic, I know.
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a d*.
You don’t have to schepp it around.

That Enogear is quite nice actually and not expensive, how’s the build quality?