You can have only two lights. They are?

I really like mine. Build quality is great. Nice machining, design. Nice clicky and a great beam and tint.
Played with mine a bit, but I also ordered an other one to keep stock. Keep in mind that shipping will take a long time with this light.

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For 15$ i might give it a shot. Thanks!

The size is about the width of my fist (small hands). With an SS body, you are carrying around something with enough weight to be a bit re-assured that you are not completely empty-handed.
It has three modes, low-mid-high, no memory. And a crisp tailswitch.
I consider the build quality quite good. Nothing is rattling or loose. Finish is smooth, no raw edges. It looks as if some serious thinking was done before it went into production.The design has some drawbacks, however.
The head is connected to the pill, as is the body/tailcap on the other side. The 12mm ledboard is pressed down by the TIR + loose led centering ring. The 14mm driver has a very slim retainer ring. The switch also has a retainer ring, from the outside. Both with curved indentation, no holes or notches.
My problem was that you can’t predict to what part the driver will stick when opening the light: head or body.
I glued the led centering ring to the led board and the head assembly to the driver (I made some notches in).
Not crazy-glue, however. And I replaced the one-heartbeat-from-DOA XP-G by an XP-G3 (Fasttech € 1.49).

And it is my favourite ever since.

Just bought one Wim :+1:
14,9 USD for such a light seems like a steal.

Unfortunately PP charged me to much with the exchange rate, maybe better try the exchange rate from the CC which seems to be an option

1. Spark SG5 CRI (warm white). Why? I have a two digits number of headlamps and 95% of the time - that’s many times per day - I am using this Spark.
2. Klarus XT2CR. Why? Because I always carry a 18650 tube light in my pocket and among my tube-lights, I like this more.

Only two lights is hard… I need to opt-out many lights that I like and use just because my main light needs to fit in a pocket. So, I am not selling them you weirdo :smiley:

It’ll be tough, by I can do it.

Not impossible, but I’m going to need to get some depression medicine from my doctor first.

Why hasn’t this guy been banned yet?

Easy question with ready answer:
1.Convoy S2+;
2.Convoy C8+;

A S2+ and a C8. Original Convoy. don’t need more than those two.

Klarus Mi7
Zanflare F1

S41 Nichia shorty

Two x too much together torches Tangra.

Try a SOFURN C8T. With an Astrolux S41.
Will give a better thrower with more meat to the beam

Lotsa spread. with Lotsa throw, combined.

1. BLF headlamp (when it is made)
2. Emisar D1

I have a couple of headlights I rarely use. Best one is a Skillhunt.

If I had to keep just two:

BLF A6. This is the light I use most of the time.


If one of them must be a headlight, throw in some gaffer tape and a baseball hat.

Honorable mention to Convoy L6. The L6 is too specialised to make the final cut.

I love that I’ve tortured you all with the two light maximum. As a minimalist I like people to really think about how to minimize overlap of their belongings and LOVE what they own.

Minimalism has its virtues but I am all for overlapping. I have systems and for them to work, even when something goes wrong, I need overlapping. For example, I went on a camping trip taking with me two tested and tortured usb chargers (one QC3.0 and one 4-ports one) and two new ones (almost identical to the other two) to test and torture. I used exclusively the new ones until the days they gave up… Both of them in three days time. But, everything went on normally because I had a second - tested - pair with me which worked fine until the end. Overlapping is also backup.

“LOVE what they own” is a very good advice.

1: Nitecore HC65.
Only drawback in my opinion is that it’s not also a powerbank and no true moon. Best allround headlamp I used.

2: Tool AA. (Slightly modded in my case)

These 2 lights travel with me on almost every occasion.

When a versatile thrower is needed, I’d swap the HC65 for the Brinyte B158.