‏You Top3 Fasttech Product Picks!

‏you don't know what are really recommended products on Fasttech? then check back here to learn what your fellow blf community members had bought and liked a lot!

share your best loved Fasttech products by posting at least 3 FT url's or FT links. Fasttech affiliate ID links are welcome and strongly supported for this matter.

this is in support of our best loved store, Fasttech, and also its ambitious aff ID link posters, may they all profit from our joint endeavors cheers!

the top3 most often named SKU's will win a prize, a giftcard by amazon, fasttech or dinodirect.

you mean this;

That looks extremely good...

Must have an exotic price tag as well.



or goodluckbuy.com for $82

Looks like its not mentioning Lithiums no

they also sell them under a different name; Revogi nc2500

Quick! Delete! You’re over 10 posts and actually making a contribution to the BLF community!

I can’t see any of the linked pictures. ;_;

It has nice features but I don’t like the design.

And since when is Dinoboy pro fasttech?? You always shat on threads promoting them in the past.

Dinoboy, you are at a record breaking 15 posts. I think it's time to start deleting again.

Number one item has to be this product:


...If for nothing else, then for the picture on the package:

Runs of methane gas?

Right, all the beans you have to eat.

Dinoboy, what the hell is going on with you? You keep deleting your posts. You have issues man....

I was being sarcastic on my first post... What's your deal man? I don't get you.....

What’s going on with this dinoboy?? Why do you keep posting and deleting?

Its all about self promotion and nothing to do with being helpful to anyone in any way.

You hit it right on the head. From now on I'm not responding to anything he writes..

+1 :wink:

He just wants attention but isn't sure how to get it. It reminds me of the little boy in the schoolyard, pulling the girl's pigtails instead of just being nice to her.

Folks , pay attention… He’s actually a very respected member of the BLF community. Just goofing with a alternate profile. ( NOT ME ) LOL…. Don’t miss the forest for the trees…

Is he really “very respected”? He has made many contributions to the community for sure. But he has also annoyed many members with his trolling. I’m not sure “respect” is the word I’d use.