Zooming C8 Host with De-domed XP-G2 - Complete with average beamshots

Thanks mate! Not decided what I will do next but whatever it is I think I am going to try a direct drive.

NMV2 would give you around 260KCD in direct drive.

But if you are worried with efficiency like I take Dereellight 2MT-M pill(2×18650 2,8A driver) and put your XP-G2 on copper star.

From start to finish results are 220KCD(7meters) without light loss. After one hour I stopped with measuring.

It was hot but not as hot as XP-G2 on nanjg 105C 8×7135 driver with single cell that can provide nice light for just few minutes. So it travels from 250 - 150KCD…

Nanjg can not compete with stock dereelight driver(although it has only tiny 26AWG wires - I did not wanted to swap them with 22AWG because that looks pretty risky to me)…

Thanks for that. What is the cheapest place for buying Dereelight’s? I haven’t seen them listed in many places.

Dereelight dot com?

Yeah I know about that one obviously, just wasn’t sure if there was any other online retailers selling them. Most of the lights I have bought from retailers are farrr cheaper than what the manufacturer are selling them for on their own website.

Now see,

I’m having doubts, in the thread “A perfect dedome” there’s lots of ‘goo’ mentioned after petrol dedomering!!

What to do what to do…….

Well for what it’s worth, there was zero goo left on mine.

Yeah, comfychair said the same!

You know what? f* it am just gonna do it!

You are being far, far too literal. If somebody called it 'stuff', would you think 'oh no, you mean it's packed in really tightly?'

All you have to do is drop one in some gas, and at most a few hours later it will all make perfect sense. The clouds of mystery will part, and the light of knowledge shall rain down... the little light bulb over your head will blink on... you will catch the drift... (sorry, these are really hard to come up with) um... get the picture?


Can you be more specific? :wink:

Nah it’s ok, I get the idea!

But, I read somewhere that tint may go yellowish or greenish, is this true!

And I read somewhere else :~ that a dedomed led doesn’t increase aspheric throw, only reflected!

True also?

UK dealers are selling it for more than 200$ set(flashlight,tube,mount,charger cell)

So if you don’t need all accessories i think de.com is way to go.

take ext tube and 2,8A driver for best performance and swap emitters.

:smiley: whoooops sorry, I just farted.

Sounded like someone pouring marbles into a plastic bucket from 2 metres up!!

ok here’s a question, the 16mm xr-e emitter i’m about to steep in petrol…….appears to have a glass dome.

Is this possible?

No, it's hard plastic. Gasoline trick only works on the ones with silicone domes. I think some of the newer XR-Es have silicone domes but look the same as the older ones.

edit: maybe it's a hard plastic shell over a silicone filling, generally XR-Es aren't worth messing with.

Well as you said. No point of de-doming XRE becase you will not gain much more throw (only 30 % more)

XPG2 E2 are real stuff for dedoming.

U can use gasoline method for this but you will not get rid off metal circle around emitter.

You will get best results for XRE de doming with “pry off method”.

Just hard press metal part that surrounds XRE emitter using pliers and squeeze it(catch it very firmly before doing so) and it will fall off with dome and it will leave clean emitter :slight_smile:

Did several without problems :wink:

XRE is still one of the brightest surface emitter when dome on(only XPC could beat it)… I personally tried domed XP-E2 and XP-G2 and none of them will beat old XRE if you leave dome on and driven on same current.

But when you take dome off them things will drastically change. They will kill XRE in throw.

I have an old XRE (from SK68) that I let sit for a couple days and there was nothing left of it. Then I took some needlenose and took off the ring. Pic in post #110 here.

LOL, it’s still sitting on top of the jar of gas so it’s of no use so far!

Well it worked!!

Checked at 4am GMT this morning and the dome is floating just under the surface of the petrol!

And 30% more throw will be ok for me, the XR-E is going into a C118 reflectored torch anyhoooo.

Plus it was a mere experiment!

With an xre you can pluck the dome off with tweezers or a knife edge... Or just basically look at them wrong and they pop right off. Had it happen a few times

Petrol did the job, the metal ‘cree ring’ remains, it helps centre the emitter as there’s probably 1/10th of a millimeter gap around the the ring when it’s in the reflector!

Actually, there’s another question about that, then I’ll stop hijacking threads (sorry LSX), the question is this, will any light be blocked by the metal ring?



EDIT: First dedome attempt……using an XR-E and a XML-U2…….U2 was successful, XR-E just doesn’t work!! was a clean dedome on both counts, in petrol, but it just doesn’t work! Is it possible that when the dome broke away (by itself) the tiny wires may have sheared?

Yes it is possible… But check emitter before and after de-doming with multimeter.

So you did not wanted to listen me on XRE de doming? The best method is this:
For XRE squeeze metal ring with pliers and pry it off… This method works the best. There are no better method than that.

Far cleaner and faster than gasoline and you will take metal ring off which will give you more light.

Little more info for throw fans and people that wants to bury god old and cheap xre:
XP-E2 and XRE EZ900 are same size emitters. EZ900 is still brighter emitter when you leave dome on.
XP-E2 is brighter when de domed. And not just XP-E2. This rule applies to XM-L2, XP-G2, and whole army of new emitters.

If you don’t want to de dome XRE EZ900 is still best throw choice (XPC is slightly better but smaller good for smaller lights).

When I say “bright” I mean emitter surface brightness. And De domed XRE works excellent in very small zoomies although don’t expect to much throw…(30%).

So if you are not suffering on “lumen” disease buy good old XRE and you will be happy.


I think that Cree should continue XRE series with new XRE-2 model with better phosphor layer,a bit wider one maximum performance at 0,5-1,5A, and it should still contain metal ring but a lot smaller one + flat and thin dome.

Well that would be very efficient thrower combination. At least for 1×18650 cell

XP-E2 was on a good way but they screwed it up with to fat and useless dome.

CREE should listen/watch forums and make pure throwing flat domed series of emitters for maximum throw performance because we mostly de dome emitters any way.