Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

New 26650 zoomie, SupFire X60-T:


Another zoomie / lantern combo. Too many functions (magnet, red light, …) but I kinda like it:


18650 tail clicky, Laserspeed IS1000T. I don’t know what makes lasers faster than flashlights…maybe they are more stramlined so when you throw one it flies faster.


Add the On The Road Z803

Big flashlight with a small lens…

Manufacturers should tend to have as large lens possible in as small host package possible but of course… Most China engineers can’t figure that out…

Ohhh, I see. The FT listing shows the lens size well: https://www.fasttech.com/product/4206303-on-the-road-z803-zooming-led-flashlight-gift-set

Yikes! Totally agree - wut were they think'n?

Of course I'm always interested in something different w/e-switch to mod. This SupFire F15-T looks interesting:

aliexpress.com - SupFire F15-T

It's got an LCD panel and it seems to match the display info of the Neal (no-name) LEP - must be a common design used and re-used, etc.

The F15 is the reflector version, while the F15-T is the aspheric zoom version - listing is confusing the two models.

I just noticed that it comes with a powerbank. Cool. What is your plan for it?

Not sure if I'll order it. From the looks and features, it's possible the driver could be exactly the same, or same physically as the Neal no-name LEP, and if so, it's not an easy driver mod/upgrade. Lot depends on the switch - if it's driver mounted or separate round PCB in the housing.

Overall though, it looks decent - nice look'n design, SS bezel, relatively compact, simple push/pull zoom, etc. Someone here at work questions the heat effect on those LCD panels - not sure what they are typically rated it, specially if we crank up the amps. The no-name LEP is low power.

10850 zoomie from warsun:


I haven’t seen such battery used in flashlights before.

A large zoomie:


A nice looking zoomie family:

Though some detailed images don’t looks so well:

What kind of lens does this have? TIR?

Oh, the C-star zoomies are available with USB at the tail (I assume the head-rechargable light doesn’t zoom).
And waterproofing of the port looks good.

Bad news for me.

The flashlight never arrived, though I did get my money back through AliExpress.

And now this flashlight isn't available from this seller anymore, and it's quite a bit more expensive elsewhere.

It's a shame, too, because I think it's a fairly handsome el cheapo flashlight.


Looks interesting. :slight_smile:

I'm thinking it's interesting as well, but not sure how the batteries are setup. If parallel and accessible/removable like a Sofirn SP36 than I'd buy one to play with and hope to mod.

They look parallel on one rendering:

Though naturally this should be taken with a grain of salt.


Strange choice


Not best looking but seem decent built for be “Wasafire”
I would see a 14500 or 18650 version with brass pill and retainer driver ring

I have one of those JaredM. Or at least one that’s probably the same as I got it a few years ago. Some features of the one I have:

  • Tailcap electronic switch. Actually, I think the entire driver might be in the tail though I don’t recall if I removed the board at the top of the battery compartment to check whether it has components on it or is just a contact plate. This is very unusual for a cheapie zoomie.
  • Fairly easy to emitter swap.
  • UI is one press for high, second press for low, third press for off (ugh). And because it’s a tailcap driver with built-in electronic switch, this probably can’t be changed.
  • There is a red/green LED under the translucent black-tinted switchboot. The button lights up and starts flashing when voltage gets low. Or at least that is what is supposed to happen. Might lights up and flashes pretty much all the time the light is on.
  • The styling is modeled after Nitecore. However, as a zoomie, this light has different construction.
  • The heatsink fins are useless as they are mounted on the sliding bezel.
  • I only tried the light with 16340 and it works fine. I considered boring the battery compartment to fit 18350, but concluded it probably wouldn’t work as the neck of the light under the bezel wasn’t wide enough.
  • Fairly good matte black anodizing for a cheapie zoomie.
  • For those who don’t want to worry about a tailcap magnet catching on their keys or getting near their credit cards, the tailcap magnet can be demagnetized by holding the tip of a soldering iron to it. Just make sure to do this after you disassemble the tail and remove the rubber switch boot.