Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

I’ve been away for a while…are they any nice zoomies that appeared recently? :slight_smile:

Nice to see you back Agro! Was worried about you.

I went away because I feel that I hit the wall with this hobby.
To progress further I would have to either go into modding (I dipped my toes and I don’t enjoy it) or go into flashlight business (which I am not interested in). With nothing more to achieve I largely lost interest.
But not fully. I think I will stay here for a few days again (it feels good to be back) but then leave again….

Mmm, how did it go? :-)

Mmm, 0K. Here we go again:

Who among you tried Kaidomain's zoomable led fishing flashlight host? Is the MCPCB holder meant for 5050 leds? Hole diameter? Comments?


I found a brand named ActiveFire Click on Aliexpress

I also found a flashlight that looks like a Convoy S2+ Zoomie version

Here is the link for the Zoomie S2+ style

It’s pretty hard nowdays to a find a cheap so-so 2xAA flashlight, there is just 1 seller that sells the Skywolfeye B17 and the B32 that each costs $4 and the shipping about $5 so around $9 in total which is almost a S2 host, so does not worth it.

Here’s a ‘clean’ link to the S2+ style zoomy. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003263133572.html

Well I don’t receive a thing since I’m not an affiliate, just pasted the link from google images, so that’s why the id’s and values.

I am not suggesting it was intentional or malicious. I just can’t stand these mile-long, tracker laiden links. All good :+1:

This one is an oddball, it’s a lantern and a zoomie with rather an unique design. Intregrated battery is downside. Saw this on reddit.


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I wonder what the “30w LED” is?
Also, which light was tested in the Reddit thread?
There’s two similar ones to choose from on that AliExpress link.
Actually, that AliExpress page is a complete mess.
I have lost interest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. I had to use reverse image search to find it.

Here’s a better link, it has P50 XP50 clone and ‘Yinding’ like round die emitter which the 30w must be referring to.

I wonder if this is actually S2+ sized - or is it one of those ones with the triple AAA adapter inside (which are usually closer to 21700 size)?

It is a little bit larger than a S2+, S2+ diameter = 24.2mm and zoomie diameter = 25.4mm both are 18650 flashlights, I think this zoomie has very thick walls, for reference a S21E which is a 21700 flashlight has a diameter = 26.6mm.

About length S2+ = 120.2mm and zoomie = 128.1mm, here is a picture side by side: