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Maybe a new forum smiley thingamajig

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What have I missed I’ve been away for a few weeks.

I pride my self on being belligerent but I don’t feel the need the need to go online and talk trash. To who or for what reason are these people trying to prove a point? I don’t agree with most things and most things make me angry ( yes I’m grumpy) but I just I deal with it with out being a goof usually. Actually scratch that the other day I Thru a Pan outside because who ever used it didn’t clean it after I cleaned up lol. One of my brothers made a mess every time some one makes a mess i restrain my self some what lol.
People who join blf need to learn to restrain there fingers!

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Thanks again SB Thumbs Up

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ARsee wrote:

Kindle wrote:
ARsee wrote:

I tagged member “Dirt“ for UN-necessary comments. There’s no excuse for comments like that

After he apologized?

Uh, No. Before. Right after he posted it. I was in the thread at the time.

The offending comment (his) was since removed

Thanks. I should have realized that. lol

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Another one bit the dust