Spark SF5 XM-L2 NW (AA/14500) Carbon fiber and Flood/Throw reflector kit

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I also own the Xtar WK41 and the EagleTac D25C Ti (moddified by VinhNguyen54).

These three lights are my EDC rotation.

There will always be more darkness than I have lights.

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Another update:

After getting the light back from WallByeBye (paying $6 for shipping to them and $10 for return shipping to me, they didnt cover these cost),

I contacted Spark about this issue in July.. They sent me a replacement at the end of July.. and it arrived 1 or 2 days after I left for my vacation.. But I had to sign for the package, and they only keep packages for 2 weeks at the post office before sending it back.
When I came back home, after 2.5 weeks, the light had been sent back to China.. and last time I checked, still hadnt arrived... probably lost in the mail, what a shame.

So I just wanted to get that thing open, and see what the problem is!

and I`m pretty sure I have found the problem!

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First thing is that I actually got the tube unscrewed from the head... maybe I used more force this time, because I was pretty sure it was all 1 piece..

Glad I was wrong.

Then looking onto the driver board, I saw they soldered a ring underneath it.. (to make contact with the battery tube for negative).

No, the light is not bend, but thats the effect of the lens of my camera.

There are 3 problems I could find.

  1. The driver sits too deep in the head to make contact with the battery tube. (solution, lower the driver)
  2. The battery tube is too short (use a spacer, but a better one than they used)
  3. The O-ring that fits just behind the threads near the head doesn`t go deep enough into the head because of the inner threads.
  4. The piece of carbon fiber is too long, so with the 3 above points, the battery tube doesnt make enough contact.

a very quick and non-permanent solution I came up with:

  • Shorten the carbon fiber tube
  • Take out the metal contact ring
  • Take out the -ring

and its working as it should be.. but this is something that SPARK has to learn.. fitment.

they should have measured it before putting this thing together..


my question now: Does anybody else have this ring underneath the driver as well?
I think it was a last-minute decision Spark made before selling these of.

Also I noticed that the threads on the batterytube near the head had very sharp edges... so I sanded them down.


  • for a permanent solution, I will have to take the driver out,and see if I can let it sit a little lower, or put a copper washer or something similar. Because I really want to keep the O-ring there.