Beamshots: Comparison of modified budget thrower favourites

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So what is your favorite light out of these? (or your go to light)

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mutts13 wrote:
So what is your favorite light out of these? (or your go to light)


Only one favourite??? :_(  If I could only choose two, I would say.

-Lustefire 3xU3 for allround long distance lighting with lots of light everywhere.

-ZY-T08 as a compact extreme thrower (with buck driver)

HD2010 gets a good and noteworty mention with a domed emitter, but I would probably take a SRK sized light with mixed XP-G2s instead. Good throw, but brighter, wider spill, better runtime, better CRI and tint, and smaller, less output sag due to several 18650 batteries.. Sure, its heaver, and not as comfortable in the hand, and it will overheat on high, and it needs a "hot high" in order to compete with a HD2010. But still..

Im talking about (my) modified lights here, in case there is any doubt. I can mention that I rarely use throwers as my go to lights. The triple emitters throwers can do everything at once, so they are nice. But sometimes too large. The SP03 is nice because Im able to fit it in my jacket pocket. It is bulky though, but small compared to the other triples, and its got good runtime too. Its a bit front heavy, and the handle is not that great.

Lustefire is the best light to carry out of the three, without a doubt.

BTU is a beast of a light! Not nearly as nice to carry as the lustefire, but with those 3 massive reflectors it can throw like my Lustefire, which uses 2 dedomed emitters. The BTU  have have a nicer and better tint since no emitters are dedomed, and also slightly more output. Its not a very practical light though. And its way too heavy and large for only having 3x 18650 batteries IMO. But I kinda like it. Makes me feel like like Im a big child with a too large torch..  And that is a good thing. Big Smile

The de-domed ZY-T08 is the light I often combine with a more "normal" floody light, simply because it goes nicely into a jacket pocket and its fun to light up things in the distance. If I bring several lights on a night trip or something, I often bring that light. Its well used now. I did lots of dedomes in order to find a good tint for it.

I can mention I have had my share of XP-G2 throwers. Even driven beyond 5A with constant output. But I prefer XM-L2. I have no real use for the uniquefire UF-T20 and my other smaller aspheric, they are just fun toys. Especially when its fog outside. Big Smile

Whoops, I think I answered a bit more than you question there... 0:)

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