Your best modified flashlight (buy) in 2014?

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Richwouldnt wrote:
Nightbird95 wrote:
For 2014, it would by the X6 Bike Light that I won from ledonam.

Though I haven’t made all the mods that I wanted on it yet, initial modding gave me 3685 lumens (45.4 watts) which is an overkill for my bike.


Where in the Philippines are you? My Father used to be the manager of the Caltex oil refinery in Batangas. We originally went out there in July 1953, so over 60 years ago.

I’m currently in Kananga, Leyte. Smile

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A Defiant 3C with MT-G2 powered by 2 × 26650s.
Sensational wall of light.
Given to me by a fellow member, I like the provenance.


"In the land of the blond the one eyed man is king."

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Matt’s Medusa.

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I just got back my modded TrustFire TR-S700 from RMM. Warmer LEDs on copper, beefed up wiring and sensor resistors bypassed. Not the greatest output but per RMM it should be able to run at maximum continuously, something that few lights with this output can do. A true monster of a light.

Rich Wood
Reno, NV

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Old-Lumens modded Ultrafire SRK clone, 3x 4A Qlite drivers in master/slave configuration. Surprised