The Deft X of poor guy *UPDATE* 04/19 Attache beamshots #48

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gaston01 wrote:
Hi guys!

I bring some news Smile

I was doing the promised measurements in the place that I could get the results were:

At 6 mts: 1250 kcds
At 10 mts:1280 kcds
At 19 mts 1263 kcds

As you will see, is not that reason, in this place could not reach even 1300 KCDS :~ this is a place that is always closed and could observe many dust particles in the beam in the air…This will be the reason?
After these results to get home I measured again in the same place where I do all my measurements at 6 mts and though the batteries were not freshly charged for all tests in the other place well and everything was still barely above 1300 kcds Shocked can influence the environment, in this manner, in the results?


in my opinion these numbers show that you focussed the light to short distance. That´s because the candles are higher measured from 6metres. I think you should try to focus the light to about 200metres and make a new measurement. I think you will have then even more throw.

Awesome build!



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Thanks for the comments Smile

Sorry for my bad English…

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Very nice work.