The Deft X of poor guy *UPDATE* 04/19 Attache beamshots #48

Hi guys!

Due to my comment in this post: Courui "Even Bigger Head" D01 Projector: 113mm Lens , Luminus SBT-70 @ 13.5Amps *Build Stage* and at the request of colleagues I share with you a mod made more than a year ago inspired by the Deft x :slight_smile:
By that time, I dreamed of having a Deft X was economically far from my reach, then decided to try something similar with what I had on hand.
Borrowing the body of my tk75 and starting from a bar of aluminum 50mm the project begins to take shape

Working on the pill for housing the driver…

Of course It cannot be absent a good copper core :wink:

Already finished

Now the head, this is the part I dislike but it was the only thing available, is made from a PVC pipe reduction for 78mm aspheric lens cost much does the focal length, and also wanted to have motion to zoom

Closeup view of dedomed xpg2


Some beamshoots full sun


Watch across the street (20mts) the brown door on the right in the glass on the left you can see the die 8)

At night, with the camera Cell (80mts)

At night, with my digital camera, I regret not having a newer and good quality in these photos you can not see, but through our eyes is much more impressive

The good thing about this mod is that with this driver no special batteries are needed (IMR ICR) with any decent battery, the same results are obtained.

Has maaaany hours of trial and error testing different approaches the wavien collar for maximum performance, working many weeks in this step :frowning:

The Xpg2 work at 5.5A, I must be honest, despite having a core of copper 20mm thick be careful with continued use because after 5 min and can not hold in hand by temperature :_(
Measured at 6 mts always get readings above 1350kcds, incluiding after 1 min.

This is my best thrower flashlight that I have so far, I hope you like, any comment is welcome :slight_smile:

Those beam shots are pretty sweet!

wow, 1350kcds is that to say over 1M K lux!!!

That is definitely out performing the DEFT X my friend.

I will take it, where to I pay :bigsmile:

Sweet pencil beam!

How did you devise the Waiven collar? That's an awesome thrower beam, beats my old Magmod to pieces...

Very nice build. Who cares about PVC when you get performance like that. Does the PVC give you some usable spill to help with walking around in the dark?

that is awesome!

i like the pictures!

This is zoomie. Would like to see how it looks zoomed out.

Very nice build! You broke world record in this size :)

Thanks for the write up gaston01 :slight_smile: i am glad i asked :wink:

I wish for one thing now……….to see a 1000kcd or more beam with my own eyes, beamshots just does not come close to scratch that itch :smiley:

What lens & XP-G2 bin did you use? I know it was an 78mm but where did you buy it?

And have you thought of adding a bigger diameter meniscus lens as a final lens as MEM found, to up the kcd even more.

Nice! 8) I want to see some cloud bouncing beamshots!!! :party:

Great throw, well done. To get 1350kcd throw with a 80mm lens you have done everything well: quality led, quality lens and very good performing collar. I'm as well curious about how you made the collar (or was it bought as is?)

I think he used one of waviern’s collars.

Djozz if you haven’t checked out Linus thread gaston01 mentions in the OP you should. Lots of very interesting discussions about collars & various ways to optimize an aspheric build :wink:

Thanks you guys for all the comments :slight_smile:

I buy the wavien collar here:

Yes in darkness the PVC give some usable spills but to walk, I open the zoom and is converted to very good flood, I’ll take some pictures of it and upload ….and a mid-zoom shooting a stream of impressive light!

The led are from Fasttech Xpg2 R5 1A on Aluminum star then I reflow on sinkpad, the lens are 78mm from Kaidomain I buy 2, one goes good the other not :frowning:

As I said, the secret is in the focus on collar height, the thickness of aluminium coke can may mean 1100 or 1200 KCDS ….

Very impressive build , sir .

Thanks for sharing .

The future just showed up! Great light! If only there was a BLF edition. Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

What can i say, omg throw! By the way, do you
Think this will work in a sky ray king body?
The time has come for 1mcd 50$ lights :smiley:

What can i say, omg throw! By the way, do you
Think this will work in a sky ray king body?
The time has come for 1mcd 50$ lights :smiley:

I had ignored that thread at first and then it got too big . I will dive into it one of these days!

To say this is impressive is an understatement. You have done a great job there!!