Please don't use 'quote' for 'reply', and don't bloat with multi-quote

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Please don't use 'quote' for 'reply', and don't bloat with multi-quote

Come on fellows this is basic: Please just use the ‘reply’ button.

Please don’t use the ‘quote’ button to reply to someone’s post unless there is something contained therein upon which you need to focus or emphasize in order to explain in your reply.

And please quit with the multi-quote replies—this is bloating out threads and causing a low signal-to-noise ratio in the forum.

In addition this is a wasteful practice and use of resources, and it costs the owner bandwidth especially when the quoted reply contains a bunch of pictures that are being quoted for no apparent reason. Get with the program and help out to save bandwidth—this is not free for whoever is paying the internet bill…

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