18,000th Post Giveaway! Winner! David EF! Congratulations!

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Congratulations David!

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Congratulations DavidEF Beer

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DB Custom wrote:
Ah, well, ya see, that’s the thing. I’m not asking you to change from the X6, I’m offering a Birthday Bonus! Big Smile

Dale, after almost 18,200 posts you still succeed in catching me by surprise Thumbs Up Party

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Beer DavidEF Beer Beer

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Party Congrats DavidEF Beer Beer
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I just wanted to pop back in here and say that I received my package a couple days ago, and these lights are BRIGHT! Cool Thumbs Up

Thanks again Dale for the GAW, and the extra Birthday gift! Party

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I'm too late for the party.  A belated Congrats to DB Custom and to the winner DavidEF. Smile

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Nice giveaway congrats david



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