USB-C Charging lights that only work with a USB A to C cable?

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For some reason this thread reminds me of this thread…… LOL Shocked

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True Color Rendition (TCR)/Simplified Definition: “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating, a TCR will equate to what true colors you see in sunlight vs the same object’s colors you see when illuminated with a flashlight. The closer the two are, the higher the TCR rating will be.”

The TCR Reference Standard is the Walmart Ozark Trail OT 50L , Model No. 6103.
It has a TCR rating of ‘10’. $1.00 including batteries.

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This is a big headache for me as well.

I’m in the process replacing all my cables w/ C – C and C – Lightning, thus eliminating A ports all together. However I found a ton of made-in-China (no prejudices, most of mine just happen to be made in China) small electronics w/ C-inputs only support A – C.

If you ask the manufacture of most lights w/ C-ports they’ll tell you they only support A – C charging, especially smaller brands.

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I routinely charge my Acebeam EC65 from an early Anker 12V charger having one C and 3 A outputs, using the C port to do it. The cable is a several-years-old one from Home Depot. From this thread it sounds like it’s the earliness of the Anker USB C charger that makes this possible, maybe combined with having randomly stumbled on a compatible cable. Ugh!!!