Review: Solarforce Gladiator (picture heavy)

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Mr.BrightLights wrote:
Where cheapest to get that mpp head ,I like that on the gladiator?

I have always ordered my solarforce lights & accessories from Good service & quick delivery. Recommended!

MPP-1 head ($43.99):

MPP-2 head ($45.99):



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Wow that combo is a lot for a head bashed lol
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Yes, they ship fast & good communications as well!

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Has any one purchased the Solarforce Gladiator that comes with a XML led for $72.99? Please give us a review of the led, beam, etc. 


Product Name Solarforce Gladiator + NEW!! 3 mode XM-L 3-8.4v bulb flashlight Combo
Model Number XM-L Led - 3 Mode-GLA_3mode8.4v
Price US$99.99
Discounted Price US$72.99
Weight 0g
The combo set comes with:

1. Solarforce Gladiator Professional Security Flashlight Body with 3 Dummy 18650 batteries & Pouch x 1 pc

2. NEW!!! High Volt 3-8.4v!!! Solarforce 820 Lumens XM-L led 3 mode 100%->60%->10%(High Med Low) with Memory IC Bulb for L2 series & Surefire 6P G2 (can run up to 2 pc 18650 3.7v or CR123A 3.7v) x 1 pc


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Does any know of an online retailer that sells the Solarforce Gladiator for less than $72.99?

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This looks really nice. How long is the body and how many 18650?

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I think the only place you might find it is on solarforce website here:

Apparently holds up to 4 × 18650’s

Size (length x diameter): 340 × 34mm

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What happened to solarforce anyway they gone silent no new lights and neither banggood nor gearbest sell solarforce. We haven’t heard from them in a long time.

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Gearbest has Solarforce lights:

I have never bought them at GB though.

But I agree – what happened to Solarforce in general?