100th post small Givaway "Winner Chosen!"

Hello Friends! I have posted 100 times now and have enjoyed my time here on Blf. I have also enjoyed entering Givaways others have done so I would like to do a small Givaway. The winner will be chosen at random and the requirements are below. The Givaway will be for a $10 coupon code to be used toward any purchase Richards website mtnelectronics.com

To enter:

  1. you must have less than 100 posts.
  2. You can join Blf just for this Givaway
  3. You must post the model of the next flashlight you are going to purchase and share a photo and or link.
    That’s all

Entry’s must be posted before 8:00 pm cst Dec 31st and the winner will be chosen before the new year begins.

There may only be a few entries so if you qualify be sure to post and your chances to win will be hight.

Have fun and be safe this New Years eve!

1. EyeballFryer #2
2. raccoon city #3
3. vulpes #5
4. matg #6
5. Drakemoore #7
6. Andrew-W #12
7. MtnDon #14
8. scianiac #16
9. lumennoob #17
10. The Miller #18
11. diGGy #19
12. lichan #24
13. JakeDjanitor #25
14. tekwyzrd #30
15. jfong #35
16. 3Pedals_6Speeds #39
17. RotorHead64 #42
18. LightVision1 #45
19. metz3006 #47

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Congratulations diGGy!!! Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you your coupon code to mtnelectronics.com

Thanks to all who entered!!!

Unfortunately the shipping costs to Germany are way too high, so I will not enter… thank you for this giveaway, though! :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll join this giveaway. The next light I’m getting is the BLF A6 from banggood.com. I’ll be ordering it soon in the next couple of days before the coupon code expires.

I'm not in. (I've got a few too many posts.)

Good luck to you newbies and lurkers! :)

Good luck for anyone that participate on this GAW.
The shipping fee to my place is quite high so i’ll pass :wink:

Thank you for the giveaway, I guess I’m in. :slight_smile:

I hope my next light will have side e-switch. Haven’t yet decided which one, but here is Roche F6 which thanks to mods done here made me want e-switch.

my dream light is a Supfire m6. So I guess that can be my next light. http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=80&product_id=250

Good luck to all. Thanks for the giveaway.

I’ll join in the giveaway, I just recently joined BLF and been researching to buy some of my first lights. :slight_smile: I was actually looking at Mtnelectronics Convoy C8 / S2+ last night, although, they’re out of stock right now.

One of these two most likely:



I have a Roche f6 in the mail on its way somewhere? I’m going to instal a dr jones xml rgbw driver with an xml rgbw emitter. I’ve haven’t yet received the driver yet either but I have the emitter waiting.

99 posts! Just made it:)

I just received the blue convoy. I realy like the metal switch! I might turn it into a Nichia 219 triple build, but not sure.

I’ve read good things about the Convoys and I see a lot of recommendations for them. Plus I have some unprotected 18650s laying around and I’d like to start using them.

I wanted one of these as well, but the price seems a little high right now. But IDK?

Thanks PPDB22 :beer:

Convoy L2 hopefully.

Yes. They are nice for the price.
I have the new integrated shelf s3 as well. I don’t have the regular s2 though.

A Supfire M6 with Richards mod 2.

Convoy L2 CREE XM L2 1000LM 26650 4Mode LED Flashlight

I’ll throw my hat in, my BLF D80-SE should arrive shortly, who knows what the next light I’m going to buy is, there are at least 4 on the short list!

Thanks for the GAW. I’m planning to buy a new C8 with the integrated shelf and a convoy L2.

Nice action!
Makes me think about some interesting GAW when I reach 100 posts.

The price is just what could push me to order a real nice DIY package for modding the SRK gold.
So I am in.

The Sunwayman C22C is going to be a present for my wife.

Trying to figure out how I want to configure my S2+ from simon that I learned about through this site.