11.11.15 AliExpress Sale

AliExpress has announced 11.11 sale. At the moment you can get 3 coupons $2 off $19. You need to go to activity page and click on someones wishlist, there you can get your coupon. The coupon can be used on 11.11 only.

They’ll probably add other activities later.

Last year biggest coupon was $15 off $100+ and fixed $10 discount for orders over $100 IIRC.


Highest value coupon is $10 off $69

The card game: You pay 50 coins and get to open 3 out of 8 cards. 8 cards contain 4* ($2 off $2.01) seller coupons, 1* AliExpress coupon (looks like it’s different each day), and 3 cards with random amount of coins from 5 to 30 (I’ve tried it few times and this is what I got each time).

Last year I’ve buy a couple of light on 11.11 because the price where sooo good! Hope this year will be the same;)

From today you can play games to win coupons. Highest value is $10 off $69 this year. Pity, I was hoping for $15 off $100

Thanks for the alerts Pregulla :)

Some sellers offer $2 off $2.01 and $3 off $3.01 coupons (valid on 11.11 only, limited amount available). I didn’t find any flashlight related ones, but these are the one I’ve found so far:

Thanks for sharing!

I’m looking for one of those mini oscilloscope DSO138 (seen $20 ’@ ebay) and digital soldering iron 950D (seen $36 @BG), do post if any of you guys see a good deal or coupon. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I got 3 2$ of 19$ coupons.

Where is the card game?

And thanks for the links Pregulla :slight_smile:

At Coupon Alley

You’re welcome

I’ll have to go for some cheap Hugsby lights again this year. I want to give them Nichia upgrades and maybe make a UV pen light.

I have tried and failed in modding the Hugsby XP1 :frowning:
First they are glued like crazy, that can be fixed with heat to release the threadlock on the bezel though.
And they have a soldered in driver.

I got some annoying short i just couldn’t fix that fried 2 led’s, so i have given up on the Hugsby’s for modding for now at least.

If you want a pen light with a Nichia why don’t you pick up one of the BLF-348 in the GB :slight_smile:

I am sure it is possible to successfully mod the Hugsby’s but the are tricky.

I got the top off of my XP-2 real easy. Glue just crumbled. I wish it was as easy on my Lumintop SD75. :frowning:

Guys, if you haven’t gotten the $ coupons now’s the time to play the card flip game.

There’s a 300 / 200 / 100 points card now.

I got from 700 to about 10,000 in several minutes. Enough to exchange for all the $ coupons (didn’t get the $10 because it has run out).

Quick before the other coupons run out.


You were right :slight_smile:

It was so easy now impossible to lose just do it again and again and collect point in the card game. It almost seems broken today :~ they really want to give those coupons away.

Yeah, different today, i just got 72 seller coupons...

I picked up 30,000 points and 82 coupons. Not sure what the value of either will turn out to be. \

The points go toward making more points???

And the coupons seem to go to stores that offer products that don’t interest me.

Just to clarify in case you haven’t, you need to swap the points with some rebate coupons. Last I checked, there are $2, $5, $7, and $8 coupons left. These coupons are valid on all stores, but there’s a minimum purchase required.

(Probably fake) Hugsby XP-1 for $1.91 on 11.11
It shows no brand on pictures and doesn’t mention Hugsby.

The lowest priced Hugsby I can find on 11/11 is $2.85. Shows picture of the real one, but then again …. who knows :frowning: Though at least this one has several good reviews.


Holy shit…I don’t wanna play this stupid game/coupons…just give me/us some killer deal for flashlight/knives/gears/etc etc and I will spend a bunch of money!!! :~