14500 FW1A's (Nitecore d10 with Anduril)

I have 3 of these little guys, built one for myself and now the others are for sale.

These are Nitecore D10 PD's with custom FET+1 drivers running anduril. So in essence mini 14500 powered FW1A's! These have the added benefit of being very hard to accidentally pocket activate. I've been carrying mine about a month now, always loose in my pocket with keys and other crap, not on lockout and have not once had it turn on.

First one, pictured on the right is LNIB. The host D10 came to me uncarried from a collector and was literally brand new in box, it's only been out of the box for surgery. It's in mint condition as if it came from the factory like this. LED is a nice rosy 219b (exact bin unknown). $78 sold

The left one is a user but not abused, some minor ano wear but no major damage. This one has a beautiful XP-L 5D. $56

Each light comes with a brand new Vapcell gold 14500 and ships in original box!

The third one pictured is mine and I'm showing it because of the aux LED, [for an additional fee] I can add any color aux LED to either of the above for sale at your request. I would also be willing to swap emitters before shipping (after payment is made) free of charge. I have numerous emitter types and tints on hand or could source about anything else...

I accept PayPal goods & services or Cashapp, shipping included via USPS to conus+3. International available and starts around $24USD to most destinations

*to satisfy license requirements: the driver is electrically a direct clone of the Mini GT driver and is running FW pulled from "toykeeper repository":http://toykeeper.net/torches/fsm/?C=M;O=D the exact file is "anduril.2019-09-28.blf-gt-mini.hex"

How much for shipping to Poland? Interested in light 2.

Pm sent. I can ship USPS to nearly all EU destinations for $24 standard or $36 for upgraded (6-10 day) service.
Typically I use the basic $24 option and it takes around 10-14 days but I think the slightly quicker upgraded service also offers better tracking if you need/want.

Do they include pocket clips?

Negative. Not all models came with a clip, these did not.

What color temp is the 219b? 4500K?

Yes. I’m in talks with another user about that one, pretty sure it’s SPF but I do have more of them if you wanted me to swap one into the other light.

I’ll take the new one of the other deal doesn’t go through. Otherwise I will take the used one if you can put in a 219b.

I have a D10 in mint condition…somewhere. I gave up on it a few months after i bought it because the battery was always dead. There was some kinda parasitic discharge bug if i recall that Nitecore wouldn’t acknowledge. I would love to do an emitter/driver swap. What would you charge if i sent you mine?

Edit: I had to dig around and find it. I was wrong, it’s a D11 R5. Would still love to have it modded.

D11 is the same thing internally, just different body and firmware. My first piston drive experience & mod was an 11.2.

I sent ya a PM.

Ill take whatever is left

That is too cool, great job!

Interested in the used one if other offers fall through.

CK hasn’t been around for a while. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Lmao I didnt realize this post was so old. whoops.

I had sent a pm a few weeks back and didn’t get any reply yet. hopefully all is well!

can anyone sleuth out what driver Cereal_killer used from this info:

I dont know what a Mini GT driver is, yet…
nor what driver is in the actual lights that a couple lucky people bought…

is it a Lexel thing?

@Cereal_killer I hope you’re ok, and returning again.

Might you be able to convert one of my D10s with an FET & Anduril?

Possible, but CK frequently made his own drivers. Hard to say unless a purchaser speaks up.

Edit: yup, see here: What did you mod today? - #8285 by Cereal_killer


I guess thats keyword oshpark = custom driver, not commercially available…