[2023-03-20] Some additional forum features added

Actually it looks like I was wrong, they undersold its capabilities in the component’s description. It can be configured to allow normal users to enable the TOC, and/or it can be automatic in certain categories in posts with N number of headings.

I just enabled it here and on the FAQs topic.

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It seems to work, as far as I can tell. I don’t see a way to apply it to any of my posts, but I did find a “Make Wiki” button that sounds like an adventure worth looking into next time I’m in the mood for a side quest.

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Do they have a minimum of 3 top-level headings? I believe they need to be Markdown Level 1 # Headings specifically.

I think that will be useful too for things like shared knowledge lists and tables about sources and vendors and specs and stuff like that.

Oh, interesting. Nope, I had just one h1, and a bunch of h2’s, and even that felt a bit too close to the top. Like, on most sites I’d put the page title into a h1, article title or subtitle into a h2, then the topic headings in h3’s and sub-headings into h4’s. It’s a habit I picked up a long time ago when using a browser which generated its own table of contents, with an easy way to jump to headings.

  • h1: BudgetLightForum
    • h2: BriteLite 9000 Review
      • h3: Overview
      • h3: Unboxing
      • h3: Beam
      • h3: Interface
    • h2: Updates [in the next post]
      • h3: Update 3
      • h3: Update 2
      • h3: Update 1

Using a h1 within a non-top-level page element, like within one post out of many, will take some getting used to. Using multiple h1’s even more so. Feels a bit like getting onto a bus and taking up two seats… or even putting my feet up and taking up an entire bench. :innocent:

So I tried it again just now – did my best impression of “manspreading”, and promoted a bunch of headings from “##” to “#”. I’m not really seeing anything different though, or anything to click to add a ToC.

Oops sorry, I was wrong, I just remembered that I used h2 as well for the same reasons that you mention, and it Worked For Me.TM

Are you trying it on a #1 post that starts a topic?

Do you have this button in the post editor gear icon?
Screenshot from 2023-03-20 11-28-02

Ah-hah! That’s where it was hiding!

I didn’t realize it needed an element inserted into the article contents… I thought it was more of an external post setting, like in the meatball menu at the bottom of a post.

Specifically, the text of the first post needs one of these in it somewhere:

<div data-theme-toc="true"> </div>

Aha, I was also looking for it in the two other “wrench” icon menus I have as admin/mod and not finding it. I suspect that it would probably work to generate the TOC by manually adding that <div> snippet to any post at the start of a topic no matter how many headings it has, and the N value that I currently have set to 3 only controls whether the menu item appears or not.

I noticed an odd behavior today. The forum FAQ thread shows that it has 8 new unread posts, but also shows that it has only 2 posts total. And looking at the thread, there was only 1 actual new post.

I’m just guessing, but given that the new post was number #11 and there are 3 total posts visible including the OP, the “8” seems to count all or most of the thread’s 8 deleted posts, even though I actually saw them and marked them as read while they were available. At a guess, each time a post is made and removed, the “unread posts” counter might go up, and in a few years it could end up reporting 142 unread posts in a thread with only 8 total replies visible.

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Thanks for reporting. I guess I’ll chalk it up to a fluke for now, but if it happens again please let me know and I’ll make a bug report.

Threads made by “ignored” people are still visible. When the thread is opened it says “ignored content” in the OP. Ideally I would not see these threads in “latest,” which was the intent of ignoring the authors.


Good point. :+1: I just implemented a way to hide them. You might need to reload BLF in the browser to get the latest implementation.

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Looks like it worked. Thanks sb.

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@sb56637 would be possible to add a collapsible text box? They’re very useful for excess detail, like code or lots of large images, etc. that some people might want to skip over easily, especially on mobile. Should be implementable in pure HTML and javascript without addons etc.

So like spoiler ( ”hide detail”) but not collapsed by default ?

Well, really, either would be fine, both have their advantage/disadvantage (checks editor tools to make sure I didn’t just miss a spoiler button that does what I described)

Spoiler / or whatever you want to call it

This text will be hidden

"yeah there is the ”hide detail" thing

Usually referred as spoiler

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Good point, that’s why @wolfgirl42 didn’t find it. I just changed the menu option name to Spoiler.

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Ah, I have to click the settings icon to get to the spoiler option. I completely missed that and was trying ||foo|| and [spoiler] and stuff before I saw it :woman_facepalming:


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