2D MT-G2 Maglite video mod

Just a quick video, not a lot to it. 2D Maglite into a MT-G2 Maglite.

Some tips on filework. Been done before, just a refresher.

I don't plan on adding still photos. This has all been done before and there's enough photos out already. I wasn't going to even do anything on it, but I figured I would at least do something, as some people don't look at the older posts to find what they want.

The light is done.

It ends up hitting a little over 6 amps on high. There's chips for 9 amps. but about 6.25 is all I can get on start up and that drops fast.

The light gets HOT fast! Within a minute and a half, I don't want to hold it any longer. The heat sink is getting the heat out to the body and head very fast, which is good. I am glad it won't do 9 amps, it would be a 30 second wonder.

The driver is a Dr Jones lumodrv, momentary with ramping and two initial modes.

See Post #1 for beam shots.



Enough said!

Love your file work!

Great videos!

Nice, I assumed you used a lathe to do some of the file work.

The file work is absolutely awesome, and the MT-G2 will most definitely make it a great light!! Looking forward for the completion!!!

Thanks for sharing such hard-won knowledge! Eagerly awaiting beam shots.

absolutely amazing! I’m thrilled to be able to watch these mods. He makes it seem so ho-hum! It’s like climbing Everest to me. Can’t wait to see the finishjed product and beamshots. I love a flooder! Wonder if this light will be going up for sale?

Great vid — thanks as always for sharing your knowledge. I’ve been thinking about a yard sweeper type of light for my in-laws… this kind of build might be just the ticket. (Maybe not 9 amps, though!) I’m still trying to wrap my head around how I could make it easily/safely rechargeable, as they aren’t really lithium ion people.

Ya think?

well, I’m always shopping! I always have my finger on the trigger. 18sixfifty always sells lights, same as you. MT-G2 is a favorite of mine as I love floody. Wish I could do what you do as I have a big ole black (3) D cell Mag just sitting on a table.

Keepin’ my eyes open!

Finished. Beam shots in Post #1

Don't have a chance to watch the vid yet, but man that maglite looks nice.

How fun it would be to come upon someone with a regular Maglite and show them this beauty. You could talk about the two lights, the difference in looks, etc. Then, HIT THE SWITCH! :open_mouth:

Light is gorgeous! Beam shots were too bright to look at!

Super nice work and thanks for the video on how you do your file work. I have a couple lights that I managed to scratch the bezels up on and that would sure look a lot nicer than all the scratches. Plus the video really gives me an idea of just how much time you need to put into them. Definitely a labor of love!

RaceR86 is one lucky guy! This is not a flashlight but a work of art. Your dedication and attention to detail is simply outstanding. I would love to become a proud owner of an OL build one of these days…… Soon if I can keep up!

not understanding here. Did Racer86 get this light? Where did it say that?


Sales thread here.


Yep that! Gotta keep up, OL stuff sells quick!

Just gotta give a little bit feedback and share some observations. She is a beauty and she also also pulls 9A with freshly charged Sony 50A cells. :) Old-Lumens, you should get some better measuring gear/wires for the high amps stuff if you only measure 6,25A. Or make sure your cells are fully charged.

Feels like she came with an electronic switch from the factory. Really nice. A bit off center emitter (as seen in OP). The file work is FANTASTIC! Polishing is better then what I can do too.

My main complaint is that its so good looking, that when it sits next to my other lights, most of them look plain and boring. Not sure what Im supposed to do with all of those now.. :D

Thanks OL, what a great light and beauty!

Here is a change of scenery for you. Good part is briefly seen at the end. ;)

(Video will probably be deleted in some weeks. Sorry about the mediocre quality and filming.)


Well, I am very glad you like it.

My meter is not working properly. The last time I used it, it worked as it should, now it reads low on everything. It's a cheap meter and I never will buy an expensive one. I would love to buy a fluke, but they are gold and untouchable.

Great video of the area. Very beautiful.

The led centering is more about that reflector and solder spots where the wires are. I have to find a centering ring, or I have to make some, because the reflector is so large it hits the wires. I really need a 35-30mm copper mcpcb for the MT-G2. If the star were 25mm, it would be much easier to make a centering ring without hitting the wires.