3 volt XHP50.2

The Australian LED supplier Cutter Electronics has some 3 volt XHP50s (they look like 50.2s) in stock. I’m not sure how rare a 3 volt XHP is but I’ve never seen one so I thought it might be worth sharing.


Part number: XHP50B-00-0000-0A00J4051
Tint bin: 1D (6250 Kelvin)

I’m looking forward to trying a couple of single-cell XHP lights without boost drivers.

Edit: Updated subject to say XHP50.2 rather than XHP50

hmmm is this for real 3V?


According to datasheet they are only avilable as 5000k version.
2.9V @ 6000mA… :sunglasses:

5000k only as easy white
5000k to 7000k only as ANSI white.

Ordered a few 3v 50.2’s on 16-20-32mm boards…shipping was reasonable to the States $12.09USD.

Thanks for posting! :+1:

I've bought from Cutter before but not since their new website. I just bought 2 with free shipping, but this can't be right - their shipping was always big $$$ from AU, and std shipping would be ~$10. We'll see what happens.

Looking at the datasheet, it's 2.9V at 6 amps, and maybe that's 1800-2000 lumens I'm guessing? If so, I'd think you could get 2500 lumens out of one on a FET driver, maybe 8-9 amps? The tint is 1D though - 6500K, but decent bin at J4.

Judging by the product code (xhp50b….) it’s XHP50.2.

Yeah it was crazy what they wanted for shipping back then, but you chose Free shipping, I seen that, I went with what came up at check out, seemed reasonable…so you might get yours this time next year…. :smiley:

Yea, but I'm one of those that complained bout their shipping costs. It's not bad if your order is big enough, but for a $10 order, another $12 is a bit steep. Boy, looked around their site just now and nothing else I could find of interest. Their LED selection seems dated, guess because no Samsungs, Luminus, Luxeon, only 1 XHP70.2, etc.

Nice, just bought a few. I did not think cree would ever make a 3V XHP. I just hope there are not too many premature failures like I’ve seen with the 6V XHP50.2.

I’m thinking of putting one (sliced) in a D1S or GT mini.

Can anyone confirm what mcpcb is shipped. The description and picture are that of a “XHP50 on 20mm Star TPAD MCPCB” yet further along that same line is 16mm round. Also, when added to the cart “COLOUR BINS:

I tried a live chat but no answer yet.

lol its 3am here give it a few hours maybe in like 7 hours they will be in. Cutter is also a member here on BLF.

I have made many orders at Cutter but shipping gets me every time its $12 AUD from Melbourne where they are to Sydney. Makes me cry considering i can get a flight for like $60 lol.

I bought a couple myself… Also saw an interesting COB as well (CMT2890)…

DD drivers probably won't work well with Vf that low (similar to Luxeon MZ).

I have XM mosX 20mm boards for LD-B4 if anyone wants to use this LED in combination with LD-B4:


I hear you. The live chat says “We’re Online!” and I’m anxious these will all got bought up. It has been so long since I bought from Cutter my login doesn’t work. I ended up buying the bare led without the login.
As a side note, I’ve got some interesting stuff from down under. Look familiar?

Seems like the perfect LED for 10440 or 10180 hotrod. :slight_smile:

Did a test with CMT 2850 and L6 reflector but i have problems with the solder melting.

Well drop in and visit me. :slight_smile:
To save grief later check their stock levels first before ordering.

LOL it wasn’t much more than $12AUD to ship to the US…

I would hope to get 16A into it with a good low IR cell and FET driver. From Texas Ace’s test of the 6V XHP50.2, at 8A, or 4A per die, the voltage is 6.78V. So with all dies in parallel it should be about 3.39V at 4A per die, or 16A total. So this should be doable if the total circuit resistance (including cell) is 50 mOhms.

200 pcs arrived this morning, tested on a 16mm noctigon, it is indeed 3v, uses a split anode pad for parallel structure