5C Defiant XM-L 625 Lumens at Home Depot

Sorry for the poor pic quality, all I had was a cheap cell phone camera.

Interesting. You pick one up? What's the rated runtime?


Time to go to HD, Military Discount 10% off, nice…

Ok, I guess I'm heading out to HD soon. ;)

I hope it Legos together with the Super Thrower!

That’s a club. based on how long the 3C is, it’s going to be loooong.

That could make for a nice, NiMh-friendly MT-G2 host.

Good for 2x 18650?

You can get 3x18650 in that tube, if you wanted to.
Chi-X, that’s a great idea. I don’t think it would DD very well for very long though on NiMH. Alkaline would probably go till they drain.
If that tube fits on the DST head… nice.

5xC cells is a bit longer than 4D. A D cell is a tad shorter than an 18650 cell.
I reckon 4x18650 can be coerced into this club especially if the stock springs are lengthy.

Looks like ill stop by HD tomorrow too! Anyone make out a SKU number?

5C = 7.5V
2x 18650 = 8.4V
3x 18650 = 12.6V
4x 18650 = 16.8V

Anybody knows the max V rating for the driver?

Just from the photo, the body tube looks to be a larger diameter than the 3C. I hope it's not. Knowing my HD, they will have it hidden up in the top shelves somewhere. I will have to go see if there are any. Well, maybe not. I don't have any 3C anyhow, so it would just be wishful thinking... What's that UPC code again?Sealed

When someone has time can you see if you can measure the lens diameter. Thanks.

The item # is 736-392 You can see the number in the upper right hand corner of this pic
Use inventory checker to check stock in your nearest store


pretty much 35 in stock at all the HDs around me

Ill try after work today to get one and report back!

thats what i thought - ill have to keep on the lookout for this one

More lumens but much less throw than the DST. Hmm….

Not enough increase in lumens to really see with your eye though. Probably more comparable to the black Friday 3C with the smaller head.


Would be cool if they can hold 26650’s (diameter wise) and fit the DST. Checked my HD, not out yet. Will probably languish up in the racks for the summer months at least.