6 Xm-l light bar build

I have been wanting to build a light bar for a wile but I did not like using stars and external drivers drivers, plus there is no diy drivers that are rated for automotive use. I then stumbled on this forum and found PilotPTK light bar build. I then contacted him and had him design and prototype a 6XM-l driver board for me. I plan on making a lot of these so I wanted something very rugged to sell to off-roaders.

Housing is made from solid 6061-t6 aluminum and machined in house. Optics are Carclo 26.5mm narrow. Proto board has LT4 5000k LED’s on it. (4700 lumens). Production board will have LT5 (5100 lumens on it.)

Light is 1.875“x7.875“x3” weights a little over 3.5lbs. It has about 305sqin of surface area.

Barn is about 100 yards away and the trees are around 150yards.

I need to double the amount of screws in the lens cover. The viton oring pushes the cover out a little between the screws. I also need to come up with a better wiring and wiring entry into the housing. When I change the screws I will leave the ends open and run the wires through there.

Any idea on price?

I am shooting for $300 for one $575 For two and $825 for three.That will include basic steel mounting brackets and wiring harness. I am still designing machined tube brackets.

Lights will also be anodized black.

Pics are fixed.

And at what current are these driven at?


What input range do these need for voltage?

9-24 volts. 60 watts.

Welcome to the club, Bigtoy302!

Very nice indeed and the PilotPTK designed driver board sounds like a guarantee, LOL!
Let’s see the final product, not really clear to me where the other bolts will be with cables passing through bolt holes?!

Beamshot looks both impressive and very throwy, is it also possible to change one lens per side (the more externals) with something more floody for better side lighting?


Impressive work!

Wow this it the thread I’ve been looking for! I’m building something similar here hope it turns out as good as yours!

that looks like a very professional piece of work, well done! First use of the Carclo 26.5mm optics I’ve seen too. I’d echo some of the other comments in that a couple of elliptical optics (if Carclo do them in that size) would flatten and widen the beam to give a little more side light. That’s all down to preference though, but I’m sure giving the buyers a choice would be a pretty cool selling point.

As for the o-ring squishing about, have you thought about using a one piece silicon gasket? You could trial one from some baking sheet (must be smooth both sides) to see if works any better before shelling out big bucks to get some cut.

Thats one sweet light bar. Good Luck and let us know when they go on sale.
If you have a prototype or semi complete light bar you want to get rid of let me know?
I have a on-road race ATV that can use a head light upgrade.

Very nice!

Whats the driver interface like? or is it simply power on/off. It appears to have a signal cable, so it appears to have some form of control.

How comfortable would you be submersing one? With appropriate waterproofing for the cable, it looks promising.

I will be keeping an eye on this one.

That looks great, should be a good seller. Will you be shipping to the UK? As said perhaps wide/elliptical lens would be good and what fixings are you using? Marine grade stainless?

I have medium wide and elliptical optics. I will try and get some beam shots with the two outer optics swapped out.

I am going to add screws but move the two outside ones out of the way so the wires can pass through.

The o-ring will be fine once I get more screws on the cover. There is a groove the o-ring sits in, so it is not going anywhere. I will try and take some pics of how the light all goes together.

Single wire momentary, Power wires hook straight to the battery.

Should be fully sealed once I get the wiring figured out.

I will ship then anywhere as long as you cover the shipping. Medium USPS flate rate box is $45. I might be able to find a cheaper way. Light is about 4 lbs.

Yes, Stainless fasteners will be standard.

What the driver is like? Are all 6 LEDs driven in series by boost circuit, or there are 3 buck drivers driving 3 pairs of LEDs, or maybe 6 buck drivers, for each LED, or something else?

Two switching buck drivers.

That housing looks awesome and with PPtk designing the electronics, this will be one solid light!

Any thermal protection built in? Or chance for kit units to bring the price down a bit? Very nice product! You have a brighter light then what’s avalible right now. I think the big company’s undejrdrivje everything so the lights doin’t melt due to operator abuse.